Sunday, May 21, 2017

Victorian Dimensional Key

Ornate base shapes have front and back build-up layers 
which provide dimension in low relief to create this fancy key. 
Embellish cards or boxes and other 3D projects. 
Measures approx. 1.625" wide x 4.125" long. 
This key is used as a key embellishment for
a Halloween decorated box.
(See that project tutorial HERE.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
NOTE - shapes are cut to complete
a full front and a full reversed back
2. Position the narrower shaft Layer 2 key shape
on top of the Base shape, align openings
or edges that align, and glue in place.
NOTE that shaping of the layers
will intentionally result in some edges
that are "edge contoured" back
slightly, and other edges that
should line up precisely.
3. Position and attach the shapes of
layer 3: welded swirl flourish & shaft . . . 
. . . as shown here near their final positions.
(See image following.)
4. Continue to add the layer 4 shapes:
left and right flourishes, collar base shapes
(doubled layers).
5. Add the layer 5 shapes: nubs of
the collar shapes (doubled layers)
6. Layer and attach the circle punches into two stacks
of 8 circles each (one for front key, 
one for back key), then . . . 
. . . position the stack into the bolt circle cutout . . .
. . . shown here.
7. Complete a FRONT and a BACK key,
then . . . 
. . . reverse one and glue backsides together.
Here is the assembled key.


  1. Hi.. I love the layered dimension of this key!! I had thoughts a while back about ornate frames that were built up in 3d much like you have designed this key. Is there any way you could consider making some ornate dimensional frames (maybe an oval?) for the Silhouette Store? I know you are probably super busy... I just wanted to make a suggestion. I hope you don't mind! I love your work. :)

    1. Hi Jodi! I absolutely, totally would love it if you would consider designing an ornate frame too! Brilliant idea, onyx welborne.

    2. That is one terrific idea. I have had something like that rattling around in my periphery for days now - guess I was picking up on your wave lengths. No promised on how quickly, but I'll but them on my "Big Board" and let's see when they can get out there. (Don't send this suggestions to anyone else please, - let me do it.

    3. I have purchased your key and key hole plate from Silhouette, and I also would love for you to come up with a dimensional frame that could be used for a bookplate to go with these items. Since these comments are from over a year ago - if you have done that, could you point me in the right direction.