Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tag Embellished With Flowers

Two-layered tag is the perfect size 
for embellishing a special project or gift. 
Front panel measures approx. 3" x 4" which matches 
many fancy printed panels from specialty print papers
such as Graphic 45. (Sample shown with panel from
Portrait of a Lady/Blanche.)
Tag base includes shaped top with 1/4" punch hole 
(cut multiple layers for extra durability and visual impact). 
Floral embellishments includes two-twig vine, 
double layered flower, daisy-style flower and five-petal flower. 
Coordinates well with "Box 3D Secretary" design. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main tag base (with multiple layer, as desired)
B tag front (3x4 panel cut from specialty card stock)
C vine sprig     D daisy flower
E & F large & small six-petal flower
G five-petal flower   H posts for G (to raise)
2. Add some dimension and shape to the flowers
by using a rod tool such as the handle of
this spatula tool to curl the petals back.
Additional shaping can be done with
a stylus set such as this one by McGill
and a foam mat. The large end ball is pressed
firmly but carefully into the backside of each
petal to provide some curl.
Stylus can also be pressed into the front
center to push it down and lift the petals.
3. Layer the large (bottom) and small six-petal
shapes, rotating so that petals offset,
then glue the middles together, near
hole ONLY.
4. Prepare the small flower post by positioning
and attaching the 10 ring shapes, one by one,
taking care to align edges and punch holes.
5. Position and attach the post on the backside 
of the small flower.
6. Tag Front: to prepare this shape from a specialty
printed panel, cut a template shape to
test for possibilities then trace and cut to size.
OR, search for a panel that is 3x4,
then rotary or scissors-cut to that size.
7. Position the floral shapes:
vine sprig, daisy flower . . . 
. . . layered flower . . .
. . . then small flower/post.
8. Position and attach the tag front
assembly onto the tag base.
9. Add embellishments as desired.
Sample tag includes plain black stud
at small flower center, pearl stud
for layered flower, yellow grains for daisy.
Crinkle ribbon pair is threaded through
hang hole and tied in a bow.
This tag coordinates with 
Find that project elsewhere
on this blog.

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