Sunday, January 7, 2018

Snowflake 3D Slot Form Ornament

Seven layers (or thereabout) of card stock are layered 
and glued together to simulate the thickness 
of plywood shapes for center three cross arms and 
flourished arms main snowflake. 
Measures approx. 5.75" tall x 4.75" wide x 1.5" deep. 
Punch hole on top arm allows ribbon or twine loop 
for hanging and display. 
Card stock thickness test shapes also included. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
(see step 2 for information regarding
the quantity of shapes to cut for the build up
of the various shapes to resemble ply wood)
cut 5 middle layers, 
1 white front, 
1 rev. white back
of each (7 total layers):
Arm A (left center slot)
Arm B (left and right center slots)
Arm C (right center slot)
D main snowflake flourish shape

2. Before cutting shapes, perform a TEST using
the card stock selected for this project
to determine how many shapes need to be layered
to fill (but not be too tight) for the designed slots.
a. cut 7-8 oval shapes to represent the component
layers (5-6 interior "brown", 1 white front, 1 white back)
b. layer to represent the stack, and preview
the fit by simply holding stack together, then inserting
through the "window" opening 
c. glue up as a final check for correct number of layers.
3. Layer the cut shapes of each of the components
and glue together, taking care to align cut edges
as precisely as possible, paying particular
attention to the interior edges of the SLOTS
of Arms A, B & C, and the radiation SLOTS
of the main snowflake shape.
As the shapes layering proceeds or is
completed, press flat using a weight such as
this re-purposed free weight covered with fabric
to help keep the shape flat, avoid warping
and curling, until the glue is completely dried
4. Begin the assembly by fitting together
Arm A and Arm B in an 'X' form . . . 
. . . then turning the assembly upside down
to fit Arm C across the center of the 'X' . . . 
. . . and sliding the three arms together
so that front and back "peaks" are even
and slots are well "locked" together.
5. Working quickly, carefully apply a quick-dry 
glue dab next to the slots to help join 
the arms together, then  . . .
. . . adjust the star form to fit it into
radiating slots of the main flourish snowflake
shape before glue dries.
6. Slide the arms section through slots
until they are centered front-to-back . . .
. . . and extensions are equally visible
on each side of the flourish snowflake shape.
7. Apply a dab of glue at each arm tip
to help attach in place.
8. Loop a soft-style ribbon through top
hang hole to complete the 3D Snowflake.

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