Monday, January 8, 2018

Snowflake Dresden Card

Variation on a quilt classic design, 
the six points of this snowflake are composed 
of three sizes of "blades", assembled on 
"silhouette" sections, fitted around 
the center circle opening. 
Center completed Dresden snowflake onto 
horizontal panel across 5x7 card front, 
then attach to rounded-corner card base. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card main base    B accent front panel
C points assembly base (shows thru as short points)
D offset snowflake silhouette
E points unit base (6 - show thru as med. points)
F (6) tall points
2. Center and attach each tall point
on one points assembly (med. points) shape
as shown, taking care to align bottom edges,
and top point edges that match.
Complete 6.
3. Position and attach each of the six
3-point unit bases onto the points assembly base
shape (short points show-thru). 
4. Position (centered) and attach the shapes assembly
shape onto the offset snowflake silhouette.
5. Position (centered top to bottom) the contrast
front panel shape onto the front portion
of the main card base.
6. Position (centered) and attach the points assembly 
unit onto the contrast panel
to complete the card.

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