Sunday, January 7, 2018

Snowman Stitched Card

Easel-style cubby snowman with stocking hat 
measures approx. 4x6 when closed. 
Body silhouette includes hat shape 
and stitching punch holes. 
Complete stitching, with tails secured on 
body backside. Add hat silhouette, cuff, 
and tassel scalloped ball, eyes and carrot nose. 
Then tie a ribbon "scarf" around neck indentation, 
secure on card front inside face with optional snowflake "seal". 
Shaped offset front and back silhouettes 
join above back's upper panel perforation line. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A snowman body with stitching punch holes
B hat crown silhouette  C hat brim overlay
D tassel scalloped circle
E eyes, carrot nose, chest buttons
F card front base
G card back with perforation line
H optional snowflake anchor for ribbon
2. Add the stitching by cutting an 18-20" length of
perle cotton or soft twine and threading it onto
a fine tapestry needle that will fit through
punch holes.
3. Anchor the lead end on body backside
with a small piece of masking tape
 near one end of the punch line . . . 
. . . insert needle up through first hole,
draw thread through, then complete stitching
sequence up and down around shape . . . 
. . . until needle is inserted down through
final hole, trim to a 1" tail or so . . . 
. . . and anchor with small piece of tape.
4. Assemble hat brim overlay onto crown,
and attach to body shape. Add tassel circle,
eyes, nose, buttons, then center and attach
body assembly onto card front base.
5. Prepare 12" length of ribbon by centering
the snowflake attachment "seal" at center . . . 
. . . then position so that ribbon cross forward
at lowest indent below "head" area,
and tie into square knot across front.
Trim ends artistically.
6. Position front over back with backsides together . . . 
. . . then apply adhesive above the perforation
line on back, and join, aligning edges
that match up.
Here is the completed card.

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