Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Heart Ribbon Tied Candy Box

Heart-shaped front and back panels 
have boxing strips attached, 
with side tabs to seam panels together. 
Boxing extensions have slotted ends to interlock 
as top closure to contain the candy compartment. 
Punch hole pairs at mid top of heart panels 
are used to tie sheer or soft ribbon bow. 
Embellish front with scalloped & plain edge offset overlays. 
Measures approx. 8" wide x 7" tall x 1.125" deep. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A & B front and back body shapes
with attached latch "lid" strips
C scallop accent heart
D plain edge inner accent heart
2. Prepare the two body shapes by bending
back on all perforation lines.

3. Layer and attach the two accent heart shapes
together, then position onto the front body shape,
offset with approx. .5" margin. 
Take care to line up the punch dots of body
with the corresponding area removed at 
scallop heart cut edge, as indicated.
4. Join the front and back along one side seam
edge by overlapping the heart straight edge
at the side tab perforation line, adjust so that
top and bottom of edge and tab line up,
then glue in place.
5. Bend at perforation side edges to form the box
shape, bringing the remaining free side edge
and tab together, and tucking in the point end tab,
then glue in place.
NOTE it may be helpful to insert a "press-against"
surface such as a dowel or rod tool behind
the seam to allow pressure to be applied
along the seam.
6. To close the "lid" strips, bend toward center
at inside of heart, flexing the box slightly
to allow the hook slots to line up and
interlock as shown.
Here is the closed latch.
7. To completed the filled heart box, 
insert a length of ribbon, tie knot.

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