Sunday, February 18, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Ornament Tree

Transform the ornament tree (separate design) into 
a St. Patrick's Day tree for March holiday decorating 
with this "St. Patrick's Day" arch finial. 
Measures approx. ­­­­­­4.8" wide x 4.125” tall. 
Decorate tree with a dozen mix-and-match 
St. Patrick's Day-themed ornaments from 
other cut files available. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A layer 1 (back) shamrock stems & shamrocks
B layer 2     C layer 3   D layer 4
E layer 5      F layer 6    G layer 7
H welded word cuts
I word cuts offset base
J arm shape (specific to this finial) (3)
K front bracket   L back bracket
not shown: post top hexagon "cover"
2. The ornament tree stand is NOT included as part
of the finial or ornament files downloaded as
separate designs from Silhouette America's
online store. The basic tree will need to be purchased
separately (
Jump over to separate tutorial that shows tree
assembly by following this LINK, steps 1-25, then return
here for St. Patrick's Day finial assembly guide.
3. Attach shamrock shapes to matching positions
on Layer 1 stem tops.
4. Position Layer 1 behind layer 2 arch base shape,
matching lower straight edges and punch holes,
and attach areas that touch.
5. Position and attach Layer 3 on top of assembly.
NOTE: it is advisable to use a heavy flat weight
placed over the progression of assembly layers
to keep the finial flat, and to avoid curling
or warping.
6. Position and attach the remaining layers
in order. 
7. Position and attach each of the 3 welded
word cut shapes onto the offset base.
8. Position and attach the top arm along bottom
edge of finial arch assembly according to
similar Egg Tree project.
9. Position and attach word cut unit (centered)
above the arm upper edge.
10. Position and firmly attach the arm/finial unit
to the top of the post, then attach back bracket
and top hexagon (as needed), steps 30-34 following
the Egg Tree tutorial instructions.
11. Prepare 12 ornaments and hang onto
the three arms as described in
Egg Tree tutorial, step 35.

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