Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bookmark Hook Style with Monogram Tile Dangler

Here's a quick and easy gift to personalize 
for that "hard copy" book lover in your life. 
Main shape replicates the classic 
thin metal hook staff that fits between 
the pages of closed book, with dangling round "bead" 
and monogram square that hang down the outside of book spine. 
Layers are glued together to give the shapes 
weight and strength. Small jump hooks (6mm or larger) 
join the shapes through punch holes. 
Paper "bead" can be swapped out for jewelry beads. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A staff (cut 4-5 depending on card stock weight -
as many as comfortably fit between book pages
when book is closed and place being held)
B tile body (4)  C "bead" (6)
D tile accent  E monogram accent
Also shown: 6mm jump rings for dangler (5)
2. Layer the staff shapes and glue together,
taking care that all edges and punch holes
line up as precisely as possible.
NOTE: it will be helpful to placed the glued-up
shape under a flat heavy weight during the
drying process to avoid curling and warping.
3. Layer the tile shapes into a stack and glue
together; flatten under a weight while drying.
Layer the bead shapes into a stack and glue
together and press under a weight while drying.
4. Position and attach the tile accent square
in the center of the tile stack. Also position
and attach the monogram shape.
5. Orient the staff, bead and tile shapes,
then insert a 6mm or slightly larger jump ring
into the punch holes of staff and top of bead,
then join with a third ring.
Insert a jump ring through the bottom of bead
and top of tile, then join these two together
(or add a third ring between).
NOTE: the paper bead can be replaced by
jewelry beads and other two-end danglers.
Here is the completed bookmark.

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