Sunday, April 8, 2018

Tulips Folk Art Card Assembly

Fancy Jacobean applique-style motif is the centerpiece 
of this "window" card, with full-blown middle tulip, 
two side tulip blossoms that include tiny poke holes 
to be stitched with perle cotton or soft twine. 
Card base front has window cutouts 
around leaves and stems. 
Hearts swag anchors bottom of design. 
Punch dots and teardrops show thru or 
are cut to add elegance and detail. 
Measures approx. 5x7 when closed.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base       B card front
C & D underlays for dots and teardrop details
E stem and tulips silhouette base
F two-part side tulips overlays (stitching detail)
G two-part side tulips base shapes
H center "full blown" tulip base shapes
with two-part heart, two-part top flourish
2. Prepare components by layering:
top flourish two shapes;
heart two shapes;
full blown tulip two shapes;
side tulip partials as base two shapes (yellow)
and overlay two shapes (red)
3. Add optional perle cotton or floss or twine
stitches to the side overlay units as follows
(or choose to cut non-punch hole shapes):
A) attach length of "thread" end behind shapes
with glue or cello tape;
B) insert needle and thread up through top hole;
C) Continue the down and up track through
successive holes to create stitching on front . . . 
. . . all along the punch hole row . . . 
. . . until all the stitching is complete.
D) clip tail end short and attach invisibly
on the back side as was done with lead end.
4. Layer the two components of the side tulips
and attach.
5. Prepare the card front by positioning
the hearts in the heart arch below the window
following the tiny cut guide marks included 
on the shape.
6. Position the large detail underlay behind 
the card front . . . 
. . . centering and using the top edges to register
the underlay correctly, noting that the teardrop
cutouts of card front will remain clear and open.
Attach in place.
7. Position the smaller underlay behind
the card front in similar fashion so that
teardrop openings are colored.
Center and attach in place.
8. Position card front assembly over
card front base so that the window cutout
edges align as exactly as possible,
and attach in place.
9. Position and attach tulip units (large center and sides)
over the stem base silhouette,
matching cut edges as exactly as possible.
10. Position stem assembly over the corresponding
shape of the card, adjust for accurate alignment,
then attach in place.
11. Position the heart and flourish units
 above large tulip, in between the dot details,
center, and attach in place.
Here is the completed card.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, especially the pictures. It made a beautiful card. FYI: The link from Silhouette didn't work.