Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Flower Lattice Card with 3D Center

Spring time 5x5 card has lattice overlay with 
optional contrast matching under-panel, 
two-layer petals with spiky calyx center flat shape 
and constructed dimensional center 
that raises the spotted center hexagon. 
Double-point end banner tag has punch hole 
for mini brad attachment corresponding with 
overlay contrast base shape and lattice, "hi" word cut. 
 The dimensional center of this design can be substituted
on the flowers of  the "Flower Wreath Spring for Stand" design. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (top folded)
B lattice overlay
C banner shape   D  "hi" word cut
E petals base shape
F petals top shape
G spiky sepal circle
H flower center overlay
I flower center contrast (underlay)
J dimensional center (platform)
2. Prepare the banner tag by positioning
the 'hi' word cut (con't forget the oval)
at the pointed end as shown, and attach in place.
3. Position the tag on the lower right side
with the circle punch openings matched up,
and the lower edges parallel to each other.
4. Prepare the petal base shape by bending
each petal upward on the perf line, then . . . 
. . . adding some curl to each petal by forcing
center and tips over a cylinder tool such as
the handle of this spatula tool, or a pencil, etc.
5. Repeat the process to add curl to each
of the petals of the top petals layer.
6. Layer the petals and match up the slot openings
at center, then glue center ONLY in place.
7. Position the spiky circle (calyx) over the center
of the petals layer with slots matches, and glue in place.
8. Prepare the dimensional center platform
by bending each of the extensions back slightly,
also bending back the tiny wedge tabs between
each extension, as shown here.
9. Bend two adjacent extensions (side walls)
back at an angle where the straight side edge
will overlap the wedge tab to the perforation line,
and glue in place.
Repeat for remaining 5 side seams.
10. Layer the center overlay onto the contrast
flower center (underlay) shape, and glue together.
11. Position and attach the center assembly
onto the top (center) of the dimensional platform.
12. Position the dimensional center assembly
onto the petals assembly, and insert tabs
into slots . . . 
. . . and work tabs fully out.
13. Position the flower unit  on top of the lattice
overlay so that flower tabs can fit into slots.
.On the backside bend tabs outward
to glue in place on underside of petal base.
14. Add the mini brad at this time through
the circle hole of lattice and banner tag layers.
(Stud or jewel can be added later.)
15. Position and center the lattice/flower
card front unit over the front of the card,
adjust, then attach in place.
Here is the completed card.

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