Saturday, April 28, 2018

Boxes Pair for 3x5 Index Cards

Perfect boxes to hold daily scriptures, thoughts of encouragement, 
collected birthday messages, wedding wishes, recipes and more. 
Each box is composed of two shapes and includes latch bottom 
and tuck top that holds standard 3x5 
index cards snugly inside, viewable through windows.
Circle window box (1.5" deep) has teardrop and scallop layers "icing" trim, 
with varied size flowers with leaf sprigs
to attach with mini brads to box.
Oval window box (2" deep; no-window version 1" deep)
has layered "icing" trim alone. 
Box side wall accent shapes are included 
to decorate with favorite paper selection. 
Also includes a corner punch 3x5 card that can be connected 
with short ball chain, tucked inside the assembled box. 
Or use the "Card Index Flip Cards" varied designs 
to create your own matching card inserts. 
Measures 1.5" deep, just larger than 3" wide x 5" long 
(can hold around 90 cards of 65 lb weight). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box hull with lid   B side wall accents
C front box hull  D accent shapes
E contrast underlay   F clear window panel
G contrast "icing" accent ring
H "icing" overlay ring (matches box hull)
I leaf sprigs (2) and flower decorations
A main box hull with lid   B side & back wall accents
C main box front hull   D side & back wall accents
E oval opening "icing" contrast and overlay
F index card with rounded edges and punch hole
(also included in the circle window box file)
(Circle window box assembly is shown first;
oval window box will follow)
2. Prepare the hull shapes by bending back on
all wall, panel, flange and tab perforation lines.
3. Position and join the back and front hull shapes
along one side seam by overlapping the straight
side edge over the corresponding side flange tab
to perforation line, adjusting to make top and bottom
wall edges of each shape align, then glue together.
3A. Position and attach the side panel accent shapes
offset by .1 within the side, front and 
back wall panel edges.
4. Prepare the clear window liner shape by
applying clear double stick tape along the top surface
edges. Kool Tak 1/8" tape shown here was used
on the sample projects.
5. Position and attach clear panel to the
underside of the contrast panel, matching edges
and single punch hole.
6. Position the contrast underlay panel 
under the front panel, face surface upward
(clear panel as bottom layer) . . . 
. . . match circle opening
edges of each, and attach in place.
7. Form the box hull into a tube to bring the remaining
side edge and tab together to complete the final
side seam.
8. Position the narrower top "icing" ring over
the contrast ring, match inner opening edges
exactly, and adjust so that the resulting
reveal of contrast is a wavy line, not just a scallop.
Glue the rings together.
9. Position the ring on the front of the box
matching the inner circle openings, and also
rotating the accent rings so that the lid cutout
tear drops fall between the arches of accent.
10 Position the leaf sprigs as shown below,
with the end punch holes aligned at the middle
hole of the box lid, then attach in place.
11. Position smaller flowers over the top and
bottom punch holes and attach in place 
around punch hole.
12. Add some curl to the petals of the larger
top blossom, then layer with the largest flower
over the center hole and attach in place.
Add contrast mini brads through punch holes
as flower centers.
13. To close the box, expand the hull into
its tube form, bend the 'U' front flap inward . . . 
. . . then fold the side flaps inward . . . 
. . . then fold the back 'tab' flap inward, and
continue to press slightly upward toward
the interior of the box until the tab inserts
into the 'U' shape slot.
Then re-position the bottom flaps so they
are flat and perpendicular to box sides.
Here is the completed circle window box.
14. Prepare the two hull shapes by bending
back on all panel, wall and tab perforation lines.
Join the side seam as described in step 3.
Position and attach the side, front and 
back wall accent shapes to corresponding
hull panel spaces.
15. Layer the oval window "icing" accent shapes
with interior edges aligned as precisely as possible,
with reveal of contrast accent forming a wavy line,
and glue together.
16. Position and attach to box lid, matching
window opening edges.
17. Prepare, position and attach the clear
window panel behind the window opening
of lid panel . . . 
. . . taking care to center it over the window opening.
18. To close the box, bend front panel inward . . . 
. . . the fold side panels inward . . . 
. . . then fold back panel inward until tab
slots into the slot space, then readjust panels
to be flat as box bottom.
Here is the completed oval window box.
19. Prepare a stack of index card shapes using
the one included in each of the box's cut file.
Or, use the Card Index Flip Card designs
to "Print & Cut" (tutorial link HERE )
specialized cards to suit
the purpose of the gift box: Scripture,
Recipe, Sentiments, Passages, plain or simply lined.
Thread a short length of ball/bracket link chain
through the corner hole to keep them organized
and handy to refer to.


  1. Can this be cut with the portrait or does it need the larger cameo to work?

  2. The oval window box is built from two main shapes, the largest of which is 8.7 x 8.42. The circle window box has largest size of 8.7 x 7.75. Hope that helps.