Friday, December 14, 2018

Elf Peeking Dble Cascade 5x7 Card

Two sloped card base panels 
(sections joined to achieve width) 
provide a hiding place for detailed whimsical elf 
who pokes his head and hands above 
a candy cane fence. 
(Cane stripes are added as overlays 
that are scissor-trimmed to size.) 
Behind him, banner flags and letter cutouts spell NOEL. 
In front, layered holly leaves trio with berries that have 
punch holes to accept mini brad accents
Cascade panels provide framework for using 
favorite many seasonal paper prints. 
Spread the cascades slightly to provide 
dimension and a self-stand. 
Card measures approx. 5x7 when folded flat. 
A coordinated envelope is available
into which this double cascade card fits:

"Envelope for 5x7 Cascade Card"

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A & B left cascade card base (shown with accent panels)
C & D right cascade card base (shown with accent panels)
E candy canes for fence with  stripe overlays
F front accent panel
G holly base with leaves, berries
H candy cane fence
I elf base silhouette (shows thru as ear recess)
J (face details):head with ears, head, eye whites inset, 
eyes, nose, mouth, cheek circles
K hair, hat fur, hat, fur tassel
L elf body, arms, mittens and mittens/thumb bases,
neck pointed ruff
2. Prepare the cascade bases left and right,
by bending the inner end flange forward,
also bending on the perforation lines 
(see Step 4 photo for folding direction).
Align main shape and extension, overlap extension
straight edge to flange perforation line,
an join seam.
Repeat for opposite set of base and extension.
4. Bend the cascade bases in zigzag fashion
for left and right sides as shown.
5. Audition how the cascades will interlock
where upward and downward slots can fit together,
then disassemble for easier accent shape attachment.
This illustration shows where the accent shapes
as numbered in the cut file will be placed.
6. Position and attach the accent panels
with offset narrow margin around edges.
7. Identify the front panel and decoration shapes,
then . . . 
. . . layer the side leaves, center leaf, and berries
onto the base shape.
8. Position and attach the holly assembly
over the front accent panel where the punch holes
will line up.
Attach complimentary mini brads or studs
at berry holes.
9. Bend the assembled front accent shape
back and forth slightly along vertical center
perforation, to allow movement needed when
assembled card is spread to stand.
10. Position and attach the front panel
onto the cascade assembly, taking care
that the front edges of the interlocked cascade base
is straight all the way across
(front panel attachment will lock this arrangement in).
11. Position and attach the back accent panel
to help lock in the arrangement of
cascade bases at back.
12. Prepare to assemble the NOEL flag array.
13. Layer flags, then position and attach over
matched welded shape on the banner hanger.
Position and attach letter cutouts.
14. Position the complete banner unit
with end punch holes over the holes of
back panel upright extensions,
and glue ends in place.
Attach brads or studs, or lace twine through holes
and tie knots and bows, as desired.
15. Prepare the candy canes by positioning
the stripes overlay on top of the cane base . . . 
. . . first applying adhesive on stripe portion backside
as shown . . . 
. . . then position overlay with bottom edge of
lowest opening even with bottom edge of cane,
with case centered through spaces,
and attach in place.
16. When adhesive is dry, use scissors
to hand trim stripes overlay even with
cane edges.
NOTE: this is easier to accomplish
with the backside facing up.
Here is the finished candy cane.
Complete all four canes.
17. Position and attach longer canes in
side positions on fence base, then . . . 
 . . . position and attach middle canes.
18. Begin elf assembly by positioning
the ears/head shape over the base shape
aligning edges that match up, and attach in place.
19. Position the eye whites shape
in the recess, and glue in place.
20. Position and attach the face shape
over the head assembly, aligning
edges (chin, forehead) that match.
21. Add eyes in eye whites . . . 
. . . nose and cheek circles, body . . . 
. . . mouth and hair, sleeves.
22. Layer fur trim on hat edge, mitten
overlays onto thumb/mitten base shapes.
23. Add hat tassel to hat, then position
and attach hat assembly to head.
24. Position and attach neck ruff.
NOTE: keep mitten shapes free
until a later step.
25. Audition where the elf assembly
will be placed -- this image shows
that the bottom edge of elf shape will align
with bottom of bridge -- then . . . 
. . . position elf assembly behind candy cane fence,
align bottom edges, and attach in place.
26. Position and attach mittens (thumbs inward)
on front of canes in approx. position shown.
27. Apply adhesive tape to front face side of
end tabs of cane fence.
Insert cane fence/elf assembly into
first "opening" of cascade base, then . . .
. . . slide down into position until end cane tips
are a narrow margin above the cascade wall
as shown, then attach fence tabs to backside
of the same wall.
Here is the completed card.