Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Patchwork Evergreen Shaped 5x7 Card

Go totally patchwork or select more limited pattern play 
for this shaped card that fits into a 5x7 envelope. 
Triangles in gradated sizes across four tiers plus 
stubby trunk are composed on a front silhouette, 
then attached to the offset card front with base. 
Back side panels have a perforation that will allow 
each to swing away from tree shape to form 
a triangular "stand". 
A simple sentiment tag can be put on 
outside back panel, or inside behind card front. 
Measures approx. approx. 5x7 when closed. 

ASSEMBLE: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (offset margin around tree shape)
B & C left and right back panels (include perforations)
D assembly base
E trunk
F tier 4 shapes
G tier 3 shapes
H tier 2 shapes
I tier 1 shapes
Not shown: message medallion
2. Position and attach the trunk shape onto 
the silhouette base shape at center bottom 
where edges match up.
3. Position and attach the left shape on bottom
(tier 4) shape where side and bottom edges
match up.
4. Position and attach the next shape to
the right of first shape, abutting edges, and
matching top edges, overlapping the trunk shape.
5. Position and attach the next shape in similar
manner, with center straight edges  snugged up
against each other, tops and bottom tips matched.
6. Position and attach the final right shape
as for the first shape on this tier, snugged up
to the adjacent shape edge, top even, left side
and bottom edges aligned with silhouette base.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 for next tier (#3), and then
for tiers #2 and #1.
8. Prepare the card base by bending forward
on the vertical perforation lines of each back shape.
9. Position the card front side point edges over
the corresponding back shape, backsides together,
and cut edges lined up as precisely as possible.
10. Repeat for the opposite side.
The two back sides can overlap to close card 
into flat position.
Also NOTE that the back panels can swing
outward to provide the self stand for the tree.
11. Position the composed front card silhouette
assembly onto the front card base, with even
offset margin all around.
12. If desired, position and attach the message
plaque on the backside of card front
(with back panels in open position). Or . . . 
. . . plaque can fit on the outer back panel layer.

Here is the completed card.

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