Saturday, December 8, 2018

North Pole Express Emblem

Detail, layered round emblem can be used separately 
or to add important identification to 
the "Santa Mail 3D Box" design front panel. 

Make the "background" colored discs "float" when
they match whatever paper they are mounted on. 
Outer disc provides a "reveal" narrow trim. 
Second disc includes faux stitch-style cut outs 
to show thru contrast outer disc. 
Inner ring holds a pair of tiny snowflakes and letters 
to spell out "NORTH POLE EXPRESS" arc letters 
(positioning guide included to assist with assembly). 
Center stylized reindeer has a slight offset base layer 
(match to "background" paper) to help with leg 
and antler visibility. 
Measures approx. 5.85" diameter. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A ring base shape    B ring middle shape
C ring top shape (holds letters and snowflakes)
D & E reindeer and offset base)
G snowflakes (2)
H lettering guide ring overlay
2. Position and attach the bottom two rings,
matching up the inner circle edges as precisely
as possible.
3. Position the letter position guide ring over
the top ring shape with inner edges lined up.
Use the north/south/east/west notch cutouts
to orient it appropriately if necessary.
Use temp tape such as masking tape to
keep the guide securely in place during positioning.
4. Position and glue each letter into the corresponding
letter portion of the guide.
Remove tape and discard guide when all shapes
have been positioned and attached.
5. Position and attach the top ring onto the previous
assembly, with offset margin maintained
at inner and outer edges.
6. Layer and attach the reindeer shape on its
offset base.
7. Position the reindeer unit across the ring opening,
adjusting so that antler and leg extensions
fall between or around letters as much as possible.
Here is the emblem shown on
the Santa Mail Box project.

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