Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy New Year Baby Peeking Cascade Card

Zig-zag folded "double cascade" card wall shapes fit together 
to form base that can expand forward in 
accordion-fashion for display, or fold flat to send. 
Decorate panels with offset shapes fun use 
of coordinated paper prints. 
Word and letter cuts spell out "happy NEW YEAR" 
(letter positioning guide shape included). 
Layered baby head with top hat peeks from behind 
layered fence section, with hands over fence edge 
from between first accordion opening. 
Back wall has tall posts that hold banner flags to indicate 
the new year's numbers (includes numbers for years 2019, 
2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024).  
Measures approx. 5" wide x 8.25" tall when flat. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A left cascade base  B left cascade base add-on
(shown with accent shapes)
C right cascade base D right cascade base add-on
(shown with accent shapes)
E fence base "bridge" and fence
F backside accent
G front accent panel with "happy" and "New YEAR"
H letters positioning guide
I banner base with flags, flag bases, numbers
J & K firework bursts layers
L baby shapes: base, head base (ears),
head with eyes show-thru panel, curl, hands
M hat shapes: base (brim), crown, band, rim
2. Refer to steps 2 thru 5 and first frame of step 6
 in the tutorial for similar
 to complete the joining of cascade bases
left & right with corresponding add-ons,
positioning of accent shapes, interlocking of
cascade walls.
3. Prepare the front accent panel by bending forward
slightly on the vertical center perforation.
4. Position the "NEW YEAR" letter guide along
the bottom of the accent panel, with the side "cutout"
corners aligned with the panel's bottom corners.
Use a small piece of temporary tape to hold
the guide in position.
5. Position each letter in sequence in the corresponding
cutout areas as shown, taking care to keep letters
parallel to the accent panel straight side edges,
and glue each letter in place.
6. Carefully remove the lettering guide and tape.
7. Position and attach the "happy" welded word cut.
8. Position the front panel across the front of
the assembled cascade walls, with slight offset
margin all around, and attach in place.
9. Prepare to attach the fireworks burst shapes
by centering the separate "head" onto 
the center shape's attached "head" and attaching.
10. The burst shapes with bases will be attached
behind the back accent shape
(shown here face side forward).
Turn the accent panel face down
then position the double burst shape
face forward onto back of panel,
matching up the "valley" edges
and side edges of each, then attach.
11. Repeat to position and attach the single burst
assembly on top of previously-placed pairs burst
and panel.
12. Turn the accent panel with attached bursts
 face forward then position and attach
to card assembly backside, with narrow offset
margin all around.
13. Refer to steps 12-14 of similar cascade card
to prepare the flags assembly (using year numbers
in place of "NOEL" letters), and to positioning
and attaching of the flags assembly to card.
14. Refer to step 15 of similar cascade card design
the baby unit.
15. Assemble the top hat by positioning and attaching
the band shape to the lower edge of the crown shape.
Next, position and attach the crown shape onto
the hat base with side edges aligned, and
top points of crown at top angle of hat base.
Position and attach brim shape at lower edges.
16. Preview the positioning of the hat on
the New Year's baby head in order to
determine the positioning of the "curl", then . . . 

. . .  move the hat aside to position
and attach the curl with top end even at head edge.
Then replace and attach the hat over baby's head.
17. Position and attach fence accent on fence base.
18. Position - centered - baby assembly behind fence
with bottom edges of each aligned, and attach in place.
19. Position and attach the hands on front of
the fence, exactly over the corresponding positions
of hand outlines of baby base shape.
20. Apply adhesive to front of side flange tabs,
then insert the fence panel/baby assembly
into the first "tunnel" of the cascade walls assembly,
center, align bottom edges of all, then attach
flanges to the walls they touch.
Here is the completed card.
Display the card by slightly spreading
the sections forward.

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