Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hand and Woven Heart Card

Folk art style “traced” hand outline has series of slant cuts 
that interweave with matching inverted cuts 
in sawtooth-edge heart to create visual interest at center. 
Wrist band has oval scallops and trio of 
tiny heart cut outs. 
Mount the hand assembly (required: cut from 
printed paper weight for successful interweaving) 
onto card stock offset base. 
Card back hand shape has dashed line to allow it 
to bend away to reveal message space. 
Card measures approx. 4.25” wide x 7” tall 
when closed (to fit into a 5x7 envelope).

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A hand base back
B hand base front
C hand shape with weaving cuts
D heart shape with weaving cuts
E wrist overlay accent
F inside message plaque
2. To accomplish the interweaving, 
position the heart and hand face up with heart
point directed down toward wrist of hand.
3. Thread the tips of the heart bottom point cut
under the wrist end first point of hand, 
then repeat for each of the cuts on heart and hand
in succession, working across the series of cuts.
4. Without advancing the point-under insertion very far,
re-direct the heart (red) points over the top of the adjacent
hand (white) cut (using spatula tip or other tool
to gently lift or tuck the tips as required . . . 
. . . to get each red heart point to be as fully
exposed as possible.
Patiently and gently repeat the process for each
of the tips until the four interwoven squares
are visible as shown.
5. Straighten the heart and hand so that the
exposed red shapes are squared up and even as possible.
6. Apply glue where the heart overlaps the hand
to attach the heart in position securely.
7. Position the hand on the card front with
even offset margins (approx. .125") all around,
and glue in place.
8. Position and attach the wrist accent,
centered on the hand and overlapping into
the offset margin slightly,
below the heart tip as shown.
9. Prepare the hand base by bending 
back base forward on the perforation line.
NOTE: this image is being viewed from back side.
10. Apply glue to the upper area above the perf
line, then . . . 
. . . position back top panel behind hand front
and attach upper portions.
11. List the back panel lower section to position
and attach the sentiment plaque behind
the card front.
Here is the completed card.


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    1. Sorry we deleted your question about the V cuts cutting as triangles. You can re-download the corrected file from Silhouette in a day or so once they can re-load the substitute - this happens when the files are colored and the lines with more than 1 segment color as well (Silh Submission requirement) and then cut as closed shapes. Or, email me at and I will email you back the svg file that has been corrected. So sorry for your trouble.