Saturday, May 11, 2019

Small 3D Lacy Square Box with Inverted Sides

A smaller version of the larger inverted side square box,
this smaller version features inward-slanted base sides 
with lace edge slanted side “wrap” panels. 
Lid has lace panel and offset accent panels 
( and fits onto base tray with flanges. 
Base top opening is approximately 3.5"x3.5"; 1.75” height
Box footprint is approx. 4.5” square. 
Smaller box is shown with a sunflower style version
“Flower 3D Center Dome with Swirl Vine” designs 
(without the swirl vine shape) for 
lid dimensional accent. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box base    B base insert reinforcements (1-2)
C base side lace panels (4)
D base side accent overlays (4)
E lid lace main panel
F, G (narrow border show thru) & H: 
lid accent squares
I lid under panel with flange slots
J under-lid accent & reinforcement panel
K lid flange double side walls (2)
L 3D flower petal whirls #1-#5
M 3D flower fringe petal whirls #6-7
N flower center button
O center button confetti circle punches
base assembly collar stack shapes (6-7)
(shown stacked in this layout)
2. The small inverted sides box follows exactly
the same assembly steps as the large box does
(refer to that tutorial HERE), except that shapes
are smaller scale, with 'K' lid flange side walls
shapes as double-length - that is, two corner
seams do not need to be joined separately.
Follow the LINK above to that tutorial, then complete
steps 2-15 (NOTE the small lid may fit somewhat
more snugly.)
Here is the completed small square box.
3. If desired, complete the "Flower 3D Center
Dome with Swirl Vine" design using shapes L-Q
(omit the vine and leaf swirl shape)
in the layout shown in step 1, referring to this LINK.
4. Position and attach flower in center of lid.
 Here is the completed box with sunflower project.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Flower 3D Center Dome with Swirl Vine

Five irregular petal layers are stacked and aligned 
to create base for this stylized dimensional center dome flower. 
Two “fringe” rings form a nest for the dimensional 
octagonal-based button-style center (add visual texture to center 
using “confetti” punch dots glued on randomly). 
Glue together multiple punch-center circle circles 
to form a platform stack to raise flower from below 
so that curled petals can gently arch downward past 
the petal bases plane. 
Add four-arm leafy swirl vine. 

Combine with coordinated designs 
Box Square 3D Lace Inverted Sides” and “Lace Edge 6x6 Card” 
for some varied project options. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
NOT SHOWN: base assembly collar stack shapes
(see step 3)
1-5 large petal whirls   6-7 "fringe" petal whirls
A button center shape
B "confetti" texture punches for button top
C circles stack for bottom of flower (6-7)
(raises it to accommodate petals downward curl)
D vine and leafs swirl
2. Layer and join the circles to create a stack 
to raise the flower. Match all edges; use a flat
weight to assist during glue drying and keep
the stack from curling or warping.
3. Layer and stack the base assembly collar stack shapes
to create a recessed opening to help shape
the center button. Use flat weight to help flatten
during the drying process.
4. Identify each petal whirl shape by locating
the cut-in number near center. These numbers
are the order (bottom to top) of assembly,
and should be placed straight up as read
as each is positioned and attached.
5. Add some curl to each of the separate petals
on each whirl by running along the petal tip from
below, using a semi-sharp edge such as this spatula
head, or a bone folding tool, etc.
6. Position petal #1 on bottom, petal #2 on top,
with numbers as normally read straight up.
Align square openings as precisely as possible
for prescribed orientation, and glue centers
together (apply adhesive around square opening).
7. Continue in the same manner to position,
align and attach each petal in order #3 - #5.
8. Position and attach the circles stack . . . 
. . . under the petals stack so that the circle
opening of stack can be seen centered through
the square opening, and glue together.
8. Curl the fringe edge petals, then stack with
#6 on bottom, square openings aligned, and join.
9. Position on top of petals stack, align center
square opening, and glue together.
10. Prepare the center button dimensional shape
by bending back on all perforations.
11. Form the shape into a ring to bring straight
center "panel" tab" under opposite center straight
edge to join side seam.
12. Bend the rounded "petal" tabs of bottom sequence
inward . . . 
. . . then bend the trapezoid short tab toward
center, and the opposite "joined trapezoid" long tab
over it to align end at opposite perforation line,
and glue together.
13. Repeat for the second set of trapezoid tabs
to bend inward, overlap and glue.
NOTE: to assist with the shaping of the octagon
bottom of the "button" center, after the second
trapezoid tab is joined, but while glue is still fresh,
place the button bottom down into the octagon
recess (on flat surface) . . . 
. . .  and apply pressure to
re-shape the button to match the octagon opening,
then hold in place.
Apply glue dot to tips of each upper "petal" tab . . . 
. . . then close the petals in a swirl arrangement
where each newly-bent petal overlaps the previous one.
Try to tuck the final petal under the lead petal edge
to complete sequence, then . . . 
. . . apply pressure downward to nearly flatten center.
Hold in position until glue is secure.
Here is the completed button center shape.
14. Position and attach the center "button" onto
the flower assembly center and use quick-grab
adhesive to help secure it in place.
15. Position and attach the punch circles texture dots
to the top button surface.
16. Position and attach the underside circles stack
to the center of the vine and leaves swirl shape
to complete the flower design.
If using the Flower design with the 6x6 Lace Card or
Box 3D Inverted sides designs, simply position
and attach at center as desired.
Here is a sunflower version of this 3D flower design
on a small inverted sides box design.

Large Square Box with Lace and Inverted Sides

Stylish dimensional large gift or display box features 
inward-slanted base sides with 
lace edge side “wrap” panels, 
lid with lace panel and offset accent panels. 
Base opening is approximately 6x6; 2” depth. 
Box footprint is 7.5” square. 
Lid panel is sized to fit any 6x6 panel, 
including many card panels from SnapDragon Snippets. 
Add “Lace Edge 6x6 Card” and 
“Flower 3D Center Dome with Swirl Vine” designs
for an extra special gift or display box.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box base    B base insert reinforcements (1-2)
C base side lace panels (4)
D base side accent overlays (4)
E lid under panel with flange slots
F lid flange side walls (4)
G under-lid accent & reinforcement panel
H lid lace main panel
I, J (narrow border show thru) & K: 
lid accent squares
2. Prepare the main base box shape by bending
back on all perforations for base, side walls, flanges.
3. Bend two adjacent sides inward with flanges bent inward
to overlap and complete side seams.
Before final two side seams are completed . . . 
. . . insert and attach the bottom reinforcement panels
into the bottom of the base "tray".
Then complete the final two side seams.
(Or position and attach reinforcement panels
before joining side seams.)
4. Prepare each of the four side lace panels
by bending top and bottom flanges back on
perforation lines, including the tiny hash cuts
on the lace scallops.
5. Center and "wrap" each lace panel around a side wall
of base box, beginning with bottom flange,
and secure each clips or weights until glue is
firmly attached. 
Repeat for each side wall and lace panel.
6. Position and attach accent side wall in similar
manner, centering so that side angled edges
align at lace inward "straight" edge.
7. On lace lid panel front position and attach
the main accent panel so that straight edges align
with the "straight" intermittent inner edges 
of lace design.
8. Center and attach the upper two accent panels.
Position these onto main lid, center on base accent
panel and attach in place.
9. Prepare each of the four flange rims by bending
the top flange "wall" back and adhering to the
backside of main rim wall.
Bend end tab back, and bottom tabs back.
10. Insert first flange rim bottom tabs into slots
of under-lid and push in completely, until . . . 
. . . tabs can be bent flat against backside of panel
and glued in place.
11. Bend the side tab inward, then . . . 
. . . insert and attach the next adjacent flange,
attach tabs to underside. Position and attach
corner edge overlapping end tab, and join seam.
12. Complete remaining two flange rims in similar manner.
13. Position the rim under-lid assembly on backside
 of the lid lace panel, centered, and attach in place.
14. Position and attach under-lid reinforcement accent
panel, if desired.
15. To close the box, position the lid over base
opening so that the flanges insert inside.
Here is the completed box.
16. For the "super" decorated box lid, use
the extra layers from the "Lace Edge 6x6 Card" design
to prepare a second lace plus accent panels top.
17. Position and attach the vine and leaf swirl shape
on the lace and accent panels assembly,
then complete the "Flower 3D Center Dome 
with Swirl Vine" design (tutorial HERE).
Center and attach to panel, then . . . 
. . . position and attach to box lid.
(NOTE this sample only includes the main
accent panel from large box.)
Here is the "super" decorated box.