Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Box Ornament 3D for Candy Bear

Single shape small-scale treat box measures 
approx. 2.75" tall x 1.8" wide x .9" deep. 
Front and side panel cut-out windows provide 
a peek to contents, with optional clear vinyl liners 
if box contents will be loose candy. B
ox opens from bottom, with back curved flap that 
slides into back panel slot, 
secured with sticky circle or clear tape. 

Roof flap is secured in place, then hanging loop 
threaded through punch hole. 
(Hide loop knot under roof panel "cover" if desired.) 
Oval gift tag with circle reinforcement also included 
for personalizing. 

Sized to fit miniature Lindt brand foil-wrapped bear 
in its package stand, or approx. 1/4 cup loose candy. 
Even tuck folded U.S. currency and hide behind 
bear back wall or under candy. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box main shape     B interior upper cover panel
C front & side window clear vinyl panels (optional)
D label oval and punch hole reinforcement ring
2. Prepare the main box shape by bending
back on all panel and tab perforation lines.
3. Position and attach vinyl panels on the backside
of the box main panel using appropriate adhesive.
4. Form the box into a "tube" to bring the back side
tab flange to tuck under the opposite side panel edge,
adjust for top/bottom alignment, and glue seam.
NOTE that this seam can be fastened
by flattening the box and applying fingertip
pressure along the edge.
5. Cut a 7-9 inch length of hang twine or ribbon
and insert ends through top hole, from outside
to underside.
6. Glue or otherwise securely attach ribbon ends
to underside of top flap.
7. To help hang loop to stay secure and also
camouflage the ends, position and attach
the underside cover panel as shown.
8. Bend top flaps inward, tuck inside box upper
edges, and glue flaps to box body.
9. If desired for decoration, slide a decorative
bead over the ribbon and move to position at roof.
(Glue in place for choking hazard prevention.)
10. Insert the Lindt chocolate foil-wrapped bear
on its commercial platform into the box 
through bottom opening . . . 
. . . and slide fully inside.
Alternatively, pour loose candies into box.
11. fold bottom side tabs inward, bend top flap
into position . . . 
. . . and tuck rounded tip into slot.
Fasten flap in place with a clear adhesive circle
or equivalent piece of tape, etc.
12. Prepare the tag and glue in place
or use twine loop to attach to hanger, etc.
Here are the two styles of fillers
in the completed boxes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Christmas Impossible Cards Six

Impossible Card is the name of this style card 
which is cut in one shape and then "twisted" 
to produce the pop-up center panel. 
This collection of six designs includes:
Ribbon Tree, Santa, Laurel Wreath,

Angels Hark, Three Kings, Ornament 25 Ribbons.
 Accent panels for 'L' shaped base, 
plus two-layer "bridger" panels provide scope 
for using fun Christmas paper prints. 
Card folds flat for sending, pops up for display 
(use optional tall triangle easel to assist with standing). 
Card base measures 5x7, but center "pop up" 
will alter that flat measurement. 

Find Santa design assembly in steps 1-17;
Ribbon Tree steps 18 - 25;
Laurel Wreath steps  26-32   ;
Angels Hark 33-42  ;
Three Kings 43-49 ;
Ornament 25 Ribbons 50-56.

ASSEMBLY: NOTE - Some steps in the assembly
of this impossible card set are identical.
These will be shown with the Santa design,
and can be referred to for with assembly of
the remaining designs in this set.
1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A impossible card base
B reversed 'L' shaped accent shapes for base
C medallion shape with offset accent overlay (2 pr)
D pop up back base shape
E front assembly silhouette & suit "show-thru"
F beard base with contrast underlay
G fur overlay and hat overlay*
(*E top portion can take place of G hat)
H star tassel button (4)
I holly leaf and berry adornment for hat
J face shape (fits into E cut out)      K mustache   
L eye and contrast underlay, nose circles
2. Prepare the card base as follows
(images from a Halloween card design):
A) bend along the horizontal center perforation lines
by folding the pop-up center in the top half
downward, creasing along the perforation.
B) grab the X-marked corner shown in the image above
and rotate it downward and backward until
the X corner is at the back of the card base
and the left reversed L portion is face down.
C) card base configuration will now be as shown here
with FRONT of card showing wide arm at right
and narrow arm at left.
D) center pop up portion will extend upward as shown.
3. Position and attach the reversed 'L' offset
overlay accents onto the appropriate face panels
of the base.
4. Position the medallion accents onto the front
of the medallion bases with offset margin all around,
and glue in place.
5. Align the front bottom of the card base edges
along a grid line on a cutting mat, or use 
a straight edge like the ruler shown,
(to keep the edges straight until formation is
locked in when medallions are attached).
6. Position the medallion, centered across the space, 
from top to bottom of the front half of card,
and attach the side edge portions where
they overlap.
7. Position and attach the back whole silhouette
shape on the backside of the pop up panel,
with edges carefully matched where they line up.
8. Position and attach the front silhouette (shows
thru as Santa suit at bottom, and optionally
as Santa hat at top) over the front side of
the pop up panel.
9. Position and attach the face cutout into the recess
"window" of the front silhouette shape.
NOTE: we applied some "blush" inking at cheeks
with a pinky tip.
10. Layer the contrast show thru shape
behind the beard shape, and glue in place.
11. Position and attach the hat fur shape on top
of the beard assembly where the edges line up.
12. Position and attach the eye contrast 
(highlights show-thru) in the eye cutouts of face, 
then stack the eye fronts on top
of contrast circles and glue in place; 
position and glue nose circle.
13. Position and attach the beard assembly over 
the pop up assembly where edges match.
14. Stack the tassel button stars and attach together
(flatten under a heavy weight while drying)
tie twine knot and bow.
15. Position and attach: hat shape over silhouette;
star button at top of hat; holly/berry unit on fur at side.
16. If using the easel, prepare by bending back on 
vertical perforation line, and bend bottom tab forward.
17. Apply glue to underside of bottom tab,
then position behind pop up portion of card,
*adjust to make sure it is a tiny bit behind pop up
perforation so that pop up can lean back slightly
for easel to do its job, then glue in place.
NOTE: when the card needs to be flat,
un-bend the tall triangle easel to flat position
then tip/lay down opposite the attached tab.
(*Make sure easel is moved toward card center
far enough so that when flat, tip does NOT
extend beyond card edge.)
Here is the completed card.

18. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base    B base accent overlays
C medallion base with accent overlays (2 pr)
D back shape
E front tree build-upon silhouette with
ribbon strata shapes, star (2), trunk
F christmas word cuts (2) and 2 end stars
G word cut base and positioning guide
NOT SHOWN: easel stand
19. Prepare the base with 'L' accents, layered
medallions as shown for the Santa card,
steps 2-6 above.
Position and attach the strata shapes
and trunk shapes on the front tree base.
NOTE: it will be easier to do this beginning
with top shape and working down, centering
tip shape the offset margin in on three sides,
then positioning next lower shape with
"intersection" shapes abutting, offset margin
at edge, etc.
20. Add star to top of tree.
21. Position and attach front tree assembly
to the pop up base panel of the card base,
taking care to align edges that should match up.
22. Position and attach the christmas word cuts
over the corresponding portions of the base arch.
Also attach the end stars.
23. Apply adhesive at center face of arch, then . . . 
. . . position arch, centered, behind tree, adjusting
up or down to best position where the end stars
may overlap tree edges just enough to be attached.
24. Position and attach back tree shape onto
backside of tree. NOTE: this image was staged
and shot prematurely - the word arch should be
in place at this point (and visible in this shot
as seen from the backside).
25. Position the easel (recommended for this
tree design), positioned as well as possible
behind trunk and up center of tree.
Here is the completed card.

26. Identify and cut the shapes.
Take care to keep the laurel oval leaf shapes
in order as they are cut 1 thru 10, since some
need to be placed in specific positions, as well
as in the order that you have decided
(we used 5 papers, alternating the order 1 thru 5
twice as the circuit was made - with two shapes
being cut from each of the 5 green card stock sheets).
27. Prepare the base with 'L' accents, layered
medallions as shown for the Santa card,
steps 2-6 above.
28. Arrange the laurel leaves in order,
with #1 with ribbon hole punches at top for reference.
For leaves #5-7, fold forward on the perforation lines.
Position and attach #1 onto the build-on wreath base
where punch holes
and some edges align, but keep the right-hand
curved edge unattached until leaf #10 is
positioned, so that it can tuck under #1.
Continue to position and attach each successful leaf
in order, overlapping the previously-placed leaf,
and matching up edges that align.
For #5, position as shown, then . . . 
. . . check that the fold perforation line matches up
the bottom of the build-on base edge exactly.
Then attach the upper portion to base.
Continue positioning and attaching, until #10 leaf
is positioned, which is tucked under the un-attached
edge of #1, and otherwise aligned and attached.
Glue the loose edge of #1 in place.
29. Position and attach the berry circles as desired,
one per leaf, or as preferred.
30. Position the front wreath assembly onto
the base pop up panel, with bottom leaves folded
slightly upward to be out of the way, then attach
so that edges that match up align.
31. Position and attach the back wreath shape
behind the pop up panel, so that the wreath
has an appropriate appearance from back view.
32. Thread ribbon through the punch holes
and tie knot and bow. 
Also position and attach the optional easel stand.
33. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base
B base accent shapes   
C medallion base and accents (2 pr)
D easel stand   E angels base build-on silhouette
F HARK! welded word cut
G angel overlay base layer (shows as lower sleeve)
H angel top layer with contrast underlays
I accent shapes: face/head; hair; 
lower wing/base; upper wing' trumpet
J positioning guide for stars (cut from waste)
K clear vinyl arch (holds stars)
L stars and dot circles
34. Prepare the base with 'L' accents, layered
medallions as shown for the Santa card,
steps 2-6 above.
35. Position the angels base shapes onto
the build-upon silhouette with narrow margin around.
Position the contrast underlay shapes behind
the angel front shapes so that flourish is "filled".
Position hair onto head/face base.
NOT SHOWN: position upper wing onto wing base.
36. Position and attach angel top layer over
base assembly, leaving "hand" nub unattached
so that . . . 
. . . horns can be positioned under the hand; 
attach horns and hands in place.
37. Position head/hair shapes over assembly
and attach in place. Position wings assembly
over base assembly and attach, 
completing the angel assembly. 
38. Position the angels assembly over the pop up
panel on card base assembly, matching those portions
of each that align, and attach.
39. Position and attach the word cut where
the pop up base shows.
40. To use the stars/dots positioning guide,
position the clear vinyl arch on top of the guide,
with bottom side "leg" portions matched up,
and hold in place with dab of glue or temp tape, etc.
Use cutouts behind to position and attach each
star or dot shape to arch where tips overlap.
NOTE: use a quick grab glue such as Fabri-Tack
that will securely hold paper to vinyl.
Once all are attached, carefully remove arch.
40. Position the stars arch behind the pop up panel . . . 
. . . so that the bottom/side legs line up with
edges of perf lines of the pop up panel base shape,
and glue in place the portions that overlap.
41. Position and attach the back angels base
shape, sandwiching the arch "legs" between.
42. Position and attach the prepared easel stand
where it will not show through the arch "window".
Here is the completed card.

43. Identify and cut the shapes as shown.
44. Prepare the base with 'L' accents, layered
medallions as shown for the Santa card,
steps 2-6 above.
45. Assemble each of the three kings (two shorter
side, taller center) in the same manner.
A) Center and attach crown base strip along bottom
of crown shape; center and attach robe contrast 
over robe base (bottom left); center and attach 
beard over face shape (bottom right).
B) Center head/beard over robe unit,
top edges aligned.
46. Position side king units (without crown units)
on side areas of card base pop up where shaped
edges show they should align.
Position and attach crowns above.
47. Position and attach center king in place, then
attach crown unit.
48. Position and attach the back pop up shape
behind the kings assembly.
49. Position and attach the easel stand.
Here is the completed card.

50. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base   B accent shapes for base
C easel stand   D medallion and accent (2 pr)
E ornament base shape
(shown below this is the optional back pop up shapes)
F center of ornament
G ornmt badge "ring", circle, "25" numbers, hanger
H ribbon base with contrast overlays 
I holly leaves: top l & r pair; lower l & r pair
with lower half overlays
51. Assemble the elements:
position and attach ribbon overlay on top of base;
center and position ornmt middle, badge ring,
circle and '25' on top of base; hanger at top.
52. Prepare the base with 'L' accents, layered
medallions as shown for the Santa card,
steps 2-6 above.
53. Position and attach the ribbon assembly 
onto the pop up panel at top where edges match up.
Position and attach the top holly leaves over ribbon.
Position and attach the ornmt assembly centered.
54. Attach the lower half holly accent onto the
lower leaf bases.
Position and attach holly leaves l & r on top
of ornament assembly as shown.
55. Position and attach optional back ornament
shape over back of pop up base.
56. Position and attach easel stand.
Here is the completed card.