Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pilgrim 3D Hat Easel Card


Round card has layered under-lid panel that bends 
to prop up the attached pilgrim’s hat. 
(Assemble the hat, attach pleated “ruffle” strips around 
cylinder platform, attach hat on top to conceal platform.) 
Attach the double layer sentiment panel with “Harvest Blessed” 
and wishbone with hearts to provide the “stop” 
for the easel mechanism. Decorate with included hat band 
and layered buckle shapes, then add purchased 
floral blossom, sprigs, berries, leaves or ribbon tails 
as desired for this extra special card suitable for 
Thanksgiving giving and display. 
Card measures approx. 5” x 5” x 2.75” tall when closed. 
Companion “Turkey Feathers Round 3D Box” design 
provides a stylish, unique package for gifting 
this dimensional card. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (attached front & back)
B front whole circle overlay
C back whole circle overlay
D & E interior accent offset shapes
F 'stop' panel shapes (3) for build-up layering
with 'Harvest Blessed' words, hearts & wishbone
H pleating platform boxing strip   G platform top circle
I pleating strips (3)   J accent scalloped circle
K hat brim   L hat crown   M hat band
N buckle inner & outer layers
2. Prepare the base circle by bending back at
center short perforation, then forward at center
long perforation across center of top circle.
(NOTE: this is slightly different than previous
easel card designs have been presented;
if preferred, follow this LINK to see the other option,
beginning in Step 2.).

3. Position and attach the reinforcement whole circle
onto the backside of base assemble, with edges aligned.
4. Position and attach the front whole circle onto
half ONLY of the front card, as shown.
This attachment and hinges create the 'easel' effect.
5. Position and attach the interior whole offset circle
onto the inside base, and the interior half offset circle
onto the lower half of the upper base with straight
edge aligned AT perforation line, as shown.
6. Layer the 'stop' panels for thickness, to hold
the easel edge in upright position, taking care
to align all shape edges as precisely as possible.
NOTE that is will be helpful when gluing up layers
using liquid adhesive to press the assembly under a flat
heavy weight such as this fabric covered flat weight
until completely dry (hours) to avoid warping and curling.
7. Position and attach the 'Harvest Blessed' word cuts
(take care where 'Harv' and 'est' are separated)
just above the lower rounded edge of the panel,
test for placement, then adjust as needed and attach.
Also position wishbone at vertical centerline with
hearts on either side,
8. Position and attach the stop assembly at the interior
base circle near bottom of accent circle as shown.
This image shows how the easel function works.
9. Prepare the pleating platform side wall boxing strip
by adding curl along its length, using a rod-like tool
such as this pencil, applying pressure between thumb
and pencil as strip is drawn across. (Think curling ribbon.)
10. Bend the upper edge set of small tabs inward
(and the lower edge tabs outward).
NOTE that the end tab IS NOT bent; guide marks only.
11. Form the strip into a tube to bring straight end edge
to overlap opposite tab to perf guide marks,
and glue side seam.
12. With top tabs all bent inward at 90 degrees,
invert the ring/tube and apply adhesive along the back
 surfaces of tabs, then . . . 
. . . insert the platform top disc into the ring . . . 
. . . and push down til it touches all tabs flush.
Apply fingertip pressure around the inside repeatedly
until ALL the tabs attach completely.
13. With bottom tabs bent outward at 90 degrees,
insert the platform assembly through the bottom of
the accent scalloped circle shape center opening . . .
. . . and push through the opening until bottom tabs
touch the backside of the scallop circle, then
glue the tabs in place.
Apply fingertip pressure all around the base of
the platform to fully attach tabs in place.
14. Prepare the pleating strips by bending the end
tab forward, then . . . 
. . . continue the accordion folding sequence
(back, forward, back, etc) across  the strip until
the entire width is pleated.
Repeat for the other two strips.
15. Join the strips into a ring by aligning and positioning 
the straight (left here) end of one strip over end tab
to perforation of second strip, aligning top and bottom edges,
and gluing seam. Repeat to join the third strip, then . . .
. . . form the strips into a ring to align and join
the final seam.
16. The pleating strips ring will eventually be
condensed  . . .
. . . and flattened into the pleats ring that will
be positioned and attached around the platform wall.
Using a quick-grab glue such as Fabri-Tac or hot melt glue,
apply bead around base of platform and up the wall
sides approx. 1/8", then quickly . . . 
. . . condense and flatten the pleating circle around
the platform to evenly arrange the pleats and
join in place.
While adhesive is still pliable, push inward all around
the ring to force the pleats in toward platform
and cause to attach in place. Hold until fully dry.
17. Position and attach the scallop accent circle
and pleating/platform assembly onto the front of card.
18. Prepare the hat crown shape by bending back
along each vertical perforation line, top platform hexagon,
end seam flange, and top tabs. Bend bottom tabs
19. Form the crown into a tube to bring the straight side edge
to overlap the opposite flange to perforation line,
and join the seam.
20. Bend top tabs inward, apply glue to surfaces,
then bend the top down into position, adjust so that
straight edges align at perforation lines as precisely
as possible, then hold in place until attached.
Invert and apply pressure to the edges from inside.
21. Apply glue to the face surfaces of the bottom crown tabs,
then slip the brim circle opening over the crown . . .
. . . until it is fully seated, then apply fingertip pressure
all around until attached completely.
22. Prepare the hat band single shape by bending
back slightly at each of the vertical short perf lines,
then form a ring and complete the side seam.
NOTE: if print pattern dictates best presentation by
cutting 6 individual band portions, join those 
together first, then proceed with the joining into a ring.
23. Position the hat band over the crown, then . . .
. . . slide down into position. Apply glue between band
and crown to attach in place where it fits snugly.
24. Layer the two hat buckle shapes and join,
then position and attach over band at selected 'front'.
25. Apply glue to backside surface of brim, then
slip the hat over the platform, center it, and attach
to the pleating layer.
26. Audition, then attach selected ribbon loops,
leaf wands, sprigs, berry stems, blossom, etc.
as desired, using the sample as a guide.
This image shows how the hat will present in
easel-erected position . . .
. . . with front upper base edge catching and holding
at top edge of 'stop' panel.
Consider constructing the companion 
Turkey Feathers 3D Box as card's gifting or
storage container.

Turkey Feathers Round 3D Gift Box


Unique hostess gift or display box features 
layered-for-thickness front and back scallop-edge circles 
with attached base or lid boxing walls that fit snugly together. 
Lid front panel features a dozen stylized turkey feathers 
with offset base shape, and center scalloped accent. 
Include the “Season of Thanks” words (with substituted 
shorter feather pairs at upper and lower center) 
to celebrate the November holiday. 
Coordinates as the gift container for 
Pilgrim 3D Hat Easel Card design. 
Box measures approx. 6.15” in diameter 
(scallop top and bottom) x 3.25” deep 
(interior measures approx. 5.25” diam.). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A contrast box LID rim layer (top)
B box LID rim middle layers (3)
C inner box LID rim layer with guide mark perfs
D LID main shape
E1 accent overlays for LID segments
E2 accent overlays for BASE segments
F contrast box BASE rim layer (top)
G box BASE rim middle layers (3)
H inner box BASE rim layer with guide mark perfs
I BASE floor shape    J BASE wall sections (2)
K optional BASE interior contrast floor
LID decorations:
L feathers offset base
NOTE: the sample box includes the word cuts
sentiment, with 8 tall and two pairs of shorter feathers.
When omitting sentiment, cut 12 feather sets
M feather shapes with cutouts (8)
N feather shapes underlay contrast (8)
O feather contrast tips (8)
P feather circle contrast accents
Q middle size feathers, underlays and accents (2 sets)
R short feathers with tip accents (2 sets)
S scallop center ring with contrast underday
T word cuts Season/of Thanks
2. Identify the rim scallop inner layer with 'F' cut into face . . .
. . . and multiple guide marks.
Stack and attach the 'F' inner front shape onto
middle layer, aligning outer edges as precisely
as possible.
Also position and attach contrast top rim layer onto
the stack (face side out).
While liquid glue is drying, press flat under a heavy
weight such as this wood plank, large book, etc., until
the glue is completely and thoroughly dry (may require
a few hours) to prevent warping and curling.
3. Repeat step 2 for the BASE rim build up,
noting that the inner layer of the BASE includes
fewer guide marks.
4. Prepare the BASE walls sections by bending back
slightly on vertical segment perforation lines, end flange
lines, and bottom tabs.
5. Align and overlap the straight end edge over
the flange tab opposite, adjust top and bottom,
and glue to join first seam.
6. Position and attach the side accent shapes within
each perforation-defined segment, with sides and
bottom edges offset inward slightly, matching
the bottom inset to the side inset when the shape 
is centered.
7. Form the BASE walls section into a tube to align
and join the second side seam.
8. Bend the bottom tabs inward, place on flat surface,
and apply adhesive to the backside surface of tabs, then . . .
. . . insert the 'floor' polygon shape into the ring and
press downward until it "seats" along the tab perforations
all around. Apply fingertip pressure all around until
the floor is thoroughly joined in place.
9. If desired, insert the contrast polygon floor liner shape
and attach in place.
10. Prepare the LID main shape by bending back
on all perforation lines for wall top edges and tabs.
11. Position and attach lid accent shapes into wall
segments with offset margin at top and sides,
and with straight bottom edge aligned at straight edge.
12. Bend the LID wall sections down into position
so that the straight side edge overlaps the adjacent
tab to perf line, and join the seam. Join all 12 seams.
13. Prepare the tall and short feather assemblies 
by positioning contrast underlays behind main
feather shape, attaching contrast rim and circle.
14. Position and attach each long feather centered within
each extension of the feathers base shape, with narrow end
aligned at circle cutout edge.
NOTE: for the word cuts sentiment version, long feathers
are NOT attached at upper or lower center two positions.
Here is the layout for the 8-long feather assembly.
Position and attach the middle size feathers in
the lower center positions as shown, and the very
shortest at the top middle positions.
Position the word cuts into the open positions
on the feathers base (viewable in next frame).
15. Position and attach scallop circle and contrast, then . . .
. . . position it at center of assembly with circle
openings aligned.
16. Position and attach the LID decoration assembly onto
the front of the LID rim build up assembly
(see the next frame image to verify that the LID assembly
with multiple guide marks and 'F' are visibly on inner surface).
Press flat until dry.
17. Identify again the backside of the LID with 'F' and . . .
. . . base with fewer guide marks.
Position the LID assembly over the backside of LID
rim build up . . .
. . . with guide marks that will align at
straight edges of lid boxing edges, then position
and attach, adjust, then apply fingertip pressure 
within walls to join thoroughly.
18. Repeat step 17 for BASE with BASE rim build up . . .
. . . positioning edges at intermittent guide marks,
adjusting, and gluing in place.
It may also be helpful to watch the angles between
wall segments to align at the valleys between scallops,
with even margin at these positions all around.
Apply fingertip pressure to securely attach together.
19. Complete the box by fitting the LID walls over/around
BASE walls and pushing together.
Here is the completed box.
If using as the gifting container for the Pilgrim 3D
Hat Easel Card, insert it into the interior of open box
then place and secure lid.