Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Shamrock Standing Mini 3D Tote

Dimensional, miniature treat box has perforations 
to bend lower hull walls to create container
for fun St. Patrick's Day gifting. 
Top edges are shaped, with square “on point” bottom 
where bend-n-latch flaps complete assembly. 
Cut one- or two-layer shamrocks to decorate hull 
on front (and back as desired), with simple two-layer 
faux-stitched name tag in short or long sizes. 
Two punch holes at top allow for twine 
or ribbon tied closure. 
Measures approx. 4.7” tall x 3.3” wide at top 
x 1.5” square base. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box hull
B & C shamrock accent and base (cut 1 set for front;
a second set to decorate back if desired)
D tag with contrast back
2. Bend the hull shape back on all perforations for
panels, side flange tab and bottom latch panels.
3. Form the hull into a "tube" to align and join
along the side seam.
NOTE that the hull can be pressed flat to
allow fingertip pressure to be applied along
the side seam.
4. Push the sides of hull inward slightly to allow
the box to take its volume shape, then . . .
. . . bend the bottom latch flaps inward to
form bottom. A) First bend the "slot" flap inward.
 B) Next bend both diagonal edge sides toward center.
C) Then bend tab side toward center . . .
. . . and allow it to press past perpendicular to let
the tab slide under the slot edge. Then . . .
. . . allow the bottom to re-adjust to the perpendicular
 --or flat-- form. (This may require poking it from inside.)
Glue the overlapping edges in place, if desired.
Or leave them unglued so the box can be
un-assembled and flattened for storage and re-use.
5. Prepare and assemble the accent shamrocks
and tag shapes by . . .
. . . layering the fronts over the base shapes
and gluing in place.
6. Position and attach the shamrock accent over
the front panel of the box, aligning the upper petal
edges with the matching edges of box.
(Repeat for the backside of the box, if two sets were cut.)
NOTE that the lower petals will extend beyond
 the box edges at the angled perforations.
7. Push or squash the box sides slightly toward
the center to open for filling. Then . . .
. . . position the tag over front with punch hole
aligned with one of those of the box.
Thread ribbon or twine through holes to complete assembly.
Here is the completed shamrock mini tote.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pennants Kit L O V E Dbl Points

Large double point three-layer pennant has 
fold-over top bracket with four punch holes 
for threading ribbon streamers, bottom center 
angle-span lace panel and two offset ovals. 
Include the double-layered letters L O V E with 
accent punch circles for a Valentine’s season, 
Wedding, or Mother’s Day display. 
Each pennant measures approx. 5.8” wide x 9.25” tall 
(fit two largest base shapes across on 12x12 card stock). 
Pennant can be paired with “Rosette 3D Bracket Ensemble,” 
an elaborate pennant banner decoration.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main pennant base  
B & C offset smaller accent pennant shapes
D top fold-over wrap bracket with punch holes
E eyelet lace arch span
F & G bracket medallion and offset accent
H oval accent panel
I letter base    J letter with two circle punch "nailheads"
2. Position and attach the smallest pennant accent shape
on top of the middle pennant shape with
top straight edges even.
3. Position the smaller pennants assembly onto
the front of the base pennant, with equal offset margins
on sides and along point angled edges, and attach in place.
NOTE that the top straight edge of the smaller pennants
will be overlapped by a tiny bit when the top bracket strip
is positioned.
4. Center the eyelet lace arch under the base pennant
edge, using the center top symbol to help position
the "valley" of the pennant, then adjust so that
the lace has the same portions showing on each side,
then glue in place where pennant overlaps edge.
5. Bend the top bracket back in half ("mountain" fold).
Position over the top edges of the pennant assembly,
centered, and so that all hole openings are aligned,
then attach front and back in place.
6. Prepare the other accent assemblies:
a) layer the bracket medallion shapes and attach;
b) layer the letter with base letter shape and attach,
with punch dots positioned and attached over the tiny
guide marks;
c) position and attach the letter over the oval accent.
7. Position and attach the oval/letter assembly
on the front of the bracket medallion. 
8. Position the medallion assembly over front
of the pennant, centered from side to side
and with top tip barely below the bracket edge
as shown, then attach in place.
NOTE: you may wish to consider using dimensional
foam squares to attach the medallion at this step. 
Here is the completed 'L' pennant.
Complete three more with the other 'O',
'V' and 'E' letters, or cut different letters
from another source to spell out names,
'MOM' etc. as desired.
Or, consider using alternate letters such as these
"Letters & Roses" pdf printed panels which match
the top rectangle panel size for this project.
(Find the purchase-for-download design in the etsy
store by following the attached link above.)
Here you can see that the 'L' letter panel from
Letters & Roses designs is the perfect cut-to-size
panel for the top layer of the rectangles for
the pennant design, and also for the rectangle frame
of the eyelet lace frame design.
That assembly fits nicely onto the pennant front.
Another option is to use the Rosette 3D Bracket Ensemble
as the pennant front decoration.
Here it is shown with a trimmed-to-size printed image.
And here is that ensemble shown on the front
of the 5th pennant banner to go with . . .

(banner image with rosette here)

. . . the L O V E pennants ensemble as the center flag.

Rosette 3D Bracket Ensemble

Classic pleated round rosette has tiny heart cutouts 
in alternating scallops. Stack the layered rectangles, 
center on the bracket base panel, then attach to 
the completed rosette for an interesting dimensional accent. 
Smallest rectangle measures 2.5”x3.5” and can be 
the template for fussy-cutting a printed image or photo 
or specialty patterned paper panel (specialty print shown 
in thumbnail is NOT included in this file). 
Ensemble measures approx. 4.875” in diameter 
when completed. Use the rosette to decorate 
the front of a banner pennant 
(such as the Pennants Kit L O V E Dbl Point), 
specialty card or as the base for a hanging ornament. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A pleat strips (2)
B circle stabilizers to glue at center 
of pleated rings (2)
C bracket base   D-F layered rectangles*
(*F is a specialty printed panel which is NOT
included in the cut file)
2. Prepare the two pleat strips by bending the right end
 flange/tab forward ("valley" fold), then alternate each
perforation as a "mountain" fold or "valley" fold
across the width of the strip. NOTE that the "mountain"
folds of the sequence will bisect the heart cutouts.
(Apologies for the poor focus - this shows the sequence
of the first few folds.)
NOTE that it may be helpful to compress the completed
pleated strip and apply pressure to help lock in
the creases.
3. Complete the first seam by overlapping the plain
straight end edge of one strip (on right here) over
the end flange/tab of the second strip (on left),
adjust top to bottom to align properly, then glue in place.
4. Form the strips into a ring to bring the free edges
together, align each as in Step 3, and complete seam #2.
5. Prepare the ring to be converted to its flat shape
by placing the scalloped edge downward on work surface,
then carefully gathering in the pleating toward center . . . 
. . . until the bottom edge of ring forms a circle
window as shown here.
Continue to control the pleats in flat regular arrangement
while easing the outer edges inward to close
the circle as tightly as possible. Hold in place until . . . 
. . . hot melt glue can be applied all around the circle
at the edge, and . . . 
. . . the stabilizer circle placed over the opening
and onto the hot glue bead. Then . . . 
. . . quickly continue to work the outer edges into
their tightest position, rearranging the pleats to be
regular and uniform all around if necessary
before the hot glue sets.
6. Turn the rosette over, repeat the application of
hot melt glue around the rim of the circle opening,
then position and attach the second stabilizer circle.
7. Layer the rectangle panels by centering each
over the larger one in offset fashion, then attach
into one assembly.
NOTE that the top panel for this model is a printed
specialty print panel "Letters & Roses" and is NOT 
part of the cut file. This artwork was purchased 
as a pdf download file to print . . . 
. . . from "MyPorchPrints" who has an etsy store.
Here is what the alphabet set looks like:
8. Position the layered rectangles onto the bracket medallion
shape, centered in both directions, and attach.
9. Position and attach the bracket medallion assembly
onto the front of the rosette, centering in both