Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fireman's Party Hat Tutorial

Is there a kid that wouldn't love to pretend to be a fire fighter 
by donning this replica paper hat?
Made to fit young children,
it features an open back design to make construction access easier,
Front built-up crest adds sturdiness and shape,
and is finished off with decorative "Fire Chief" emblem.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A hat crown
B hat brim
C crest 

Accent and decor shapes:
brim accent "ring"
crest center
emblem components

2.  Fold the crown into shape to bring the side front lower tabs toward the center front side edges, align the front edge with perforation guideline and match up bottom edges, and glue in place. Glue both sides.

3. Prepare the crest shape by pre-folding on the perforations as shown. Fold the center perforations in a "curl" shape. Fold the side wings and tabs downward,

4. Fold and swing the top center edge to align at corresponding tab/side perforation and glue in place. Repeat for opposite side edges.

5. Position and join the lower edge segments with corresponding edges of side wing until the entire edge is attached. Repeat for the opposite side edges.

It may be helpful to turn the crest assembly over, place the front on a flat surface, and press the tab against the front to attach tabs and edges securely.

6. "Curl" the front center accent shape by folding slightly on the perforations. Glue in place, centered on the crest assembly, aligning the front lower edges, then working toward the back to align perforation lines of both layers as closely as possible.

(Differences in paper thickness may throw alignment off slightly, but this should not really pose a construction issue.)

7. Assemble the emblem layers as shown, then position over the crest assembly. Glue in place and attach mini brads through all layers at punch holes.

8. Prepare the brim by folding all the tabs upward at perforations.

9. Line up the crown and brim center fronts by matching the star cutouts. Apply glue to the face surface of the front center tab and one or two on each side of the center. Overlap crown lower edge to the perforation line (centers still aligned) and attach.

10. Flex the crown away from brim slightly to continue applying glue to the next few tabs, then reposition the crown edge over the brim exactly at the perforation line/angle and attach. 

Continue working back until all tabs are attached. Repeat process for opposite side of hat.

Here you can see what the tabs look like on the inside of the crown.

11. Position the crest assembly over the crown center front. Slide lower tabs into corresponding slots. Fold tabs outward on the inside (outward will make it easier to apply pressure between crown surface and tabs), and glue securely.

Complete both sides.

Here you can side the tabs on the inside of the crown, ready to be folded outward and glued in place.

12. Carefully flex the pieces to slide the back crest tab into slot. Fold outward on the inside of crown and glue in place as in step 11.

13. Bring bands to the center back. Align with the back brim tab . . .

. . . and secure with a regular size brad.

14, Position and attach the brim rim accent shape.

15. Position and attach side accent shapes with lower edge sitting at the connection between crown and brim. Front straight edge should abutt the crest at front, and perf guideline should fall roughly at the crown front-to-side seam.

Here is the completed hat from
front side view.

Mini Fire Engine Emblem A7 Card

Make a great card for a child's birthday celebration
using this double bi-fold 5x7 card,
shown closed on top and partially opened below.
Fireman emblem is the feature design front base,
with a sawtooth scallop circle
and a mini fire engine design.
Card base includes the half-emblem cut-out to guide positioning,
then fun paper print panels are placed on front panels, 
back panel that covers the cut-out construction,
and inner side and back panel.
Inside, find a layered "happy birthday" card
that is framed with a fire hose and nozzle.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A card base main
B card base side to be attached to main
C center accent panel
D front accent panels
E side center accent panels
F back side accent panels
G assembled emblem (including miniature fire truck, circle and sawtooth circle, emblem and edge accent shapes.
H firehose sentiment label for card inside

2. Fold the card base main and side shapes on perforations. Main shape will have "mountain" fold at crest half shape center (but the crest shape stays un-folded), "valley" fold at remaining two perforation lines. Side shape will have "mountain" fold.

3. Join the side to the main shape by overlapping straight side edge at perf line. Before glue is set, fold on the tab/edge connection to ensure that card will fold properly.

4. Position the accent panel shapes over their corresponding card base positions. NOTE that the emblem should be raised to allow for the left side center accent shape to be attached to the "flat" parts of that panel, covering the "hole" where the emblem shape was cut from.

5. Glue the accent shapes in place. Use a roller tool to help these glue flat and smooth.

6. Turn the card over, position at attach the back side accent shapes over their corresponding panels. NOTE that the panel on the right (left from the front view) will cover and reinforce the emblem cutout area.

(You can see the un-coordinated backside of the front accent shape through the cutout window here.)

7. Build miniature fire truck on black base shape (black will show through as windows and bumpers), then position on base circle and add extension ladder above. Layer with sawtooth circle and emblem base with edge accent shape.

8. Position and glue the entire emblem backside to the left card front, including aligning edges of the right cutout edges from card main base, as well as plain panel section.

9. Layer the sentiment plaque components (base with fire hose rim, "Happy Birthday" cutout), then glue in place on the center panel.

Here is the finished card front view, closed.

Fireman 3d Boot Treats Tote

Small boot tote can be filled with goodies
for the guests at your fire man party or even.
Easy box construction with decorative shapes layered and added.
Finished size is approx. 6" tall x 4" wide x 1.5" deep.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A boot main body
B boot front boxing
C left & right decorative boot front base
D left and right accent shapes
E hang tag emblem components

2. Prepare the boxing shape by slightly folding on the perforations into 'S' curve as shown. This curving roughtly follows the front contour of the main body shape.

Fold the tabs back from the center section.

3. Align and attach the top tab at the top of the shaped front edge of main body piece. 

4. Continue to align the remaining tabs by adjusting the boxing strip to match the body edge to the perforation edge, then gluing to attach tabs one by one. 

5. Repeat for the opposite edge.

It may be helpful to insert a pencil or other rod-shaped tool to provide a pressure surface inside to help press the tab against the edge to which it is being attached.

6. Assemble the left and right decorative boot fronts by layering the white and red stripe, then attaching the rim strip, the sole strip, and the stripe assembly with corresponding edges lined up.

It may be helpful during the gluing process to position and attach the boot front, then turn the boot over and press against the inside of the boot to apply pressure to ensure that the entire boot front attaches smoothly and flat.

7. On the bottom of the boot, fold the side tabs inward, slot tab inward, then latch tab. Flex the latch tab to allow hook shape to slide into the slot. Adjust bottom shape back to a rectangle so that all pieces are relaxed into normal position.

8. Attach optional handle reinforcement shapes to the inside surface, taking care to line up handle and tote opening edges.

Here is the boot completed to this point.

9. Prepare the optional name or I.D. tag by layering and attaching the base shape with the offset inner shape and the upper shape. Use the hang hole punch to thread ribbon or chain through, then attach to one of the handles.

This tag could be used to "print and cut" a name tag onto the offset base shape so that each party child could have a personalized boot treat tote. Or, attach sequence numbers of other mono-clues as part of a seek & find rescuer scavenger hunt.

Fire Hose Cupcake & Flames Pick Assembly Notes

Fun fare for your fireman party!
Cut cupcake cut base that includes the wavy hose as rim design,
then layer on colored nozzle and hose.
Cup edges are overlapped, glued and secured with three mini brads,
and bottom platform has mini tabs to attach it to inside of sides.
Assemble pick with three layers, with the back layer
folded on center perf lines to create a partial channel
to hold a cut-off skewer as pick.

1. Identify and cut the shapes: (clockwise from top left)
Flame pick base, top and center accent, birthday optional number (file includes 2-9 number designs), cut to fit bamboo skewer stick, hose accent shape, cut main body shape, 3 tiny brads, nozzle tip accent shape.

2. Prepare the main cup body shape by "curling" the main section slightly at perf lines, folding bottom base back, tabs back.

3. Bring the side edges of cup together to overlap the right edge (near nozzle end) over the left to align the three punch holes. Glue edges that overlap . . . 

. . . then attach three mini brads.

4. Insert tabs behind the cup edge and glue in place, taking care to ensure that the cup case is even with the bottom edge of the cup sides.

5. Position and attach the hose contrast accent shape, beginning at nozzle end and working around to opposite end.

6. Overlap the nozzle shape over the accent hose piece, and glue surface that overlaps in place.

7. Glue the contrast nozzle accent shape in place.

8. Prepare the flame base shape for the pick by folding the perforations both as "mountain" folds. This will form a channel that will accept the pick stick later.

9. Align front flame shape left edges with base flame shape and glue the left half in place, staying clear of the channel edge.

10. Adjust the base flame shape by moving the right perforation slightly closer to the left so that the triangular channel is formed. Glue the remaining half of the front flame shape in place where the two surfaces touch.

11. Position and attach the birthday number shape.

Here is a view from the pick bottom showing how the channel is formed.

On the backside, the two short edges near the top of the flame base shape should touch or be very close to touching.

11. Cut the stick to length (now or later), then insert the end into the triangular channel. The pick is now ready to insert into the top of the cupcake which has been placed in the decorative fire hose wrapper.

Here is your cupcake ready to place
at each table setting on your
fire fighter party table.