Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mini Fire Engine Emblem A7 Card

Make a great card for a child's birthday celebration
using this double bi-fold 5x7 card,
shown closed on top and partially opened below.
Fireman emblem is the feature design front base,
with a sawtooth scallop circle
and a mini fire engine design.
Card base includes the half-emblem cut-out to guide positioning,
then fun paper print panels are placed on front panels, 
back panel that covers the cut-out construction,
and inner side and back panel.
Inside, find a layered "happy birthday" card
that is framed with a fire hose and nozzle.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A card base main
B card base side to be attached to main
C center accent panel
D front accent panels
E side center accent panels
F back side accent panels
G assembled emblem (including miniature fire truck, circle and sawtooth circle, emblem and edge accent shapes.
H firehose sentiment label for card inside

2. Fold the card base main and side shapes on perforations. Main shape will have "mountain" fold at crest half shape center (but the crest shape stays un-folded), "valley" fold at remaining two perforation lines. Side shape will have "mountain" fold.

3. Join the side to the main shape by overlapping straight side edge at perf line. Before glue is set, fold on the tab/edge connection to ensure that card will fold properly.

4. Position the accent panel shapes over their corresponding card base positions. NOTE that the emblem should be raised to allow for the left side center accent shape to be attached to the "flat" parts of that panel, covering the "hole" where the emblem shape was cut from.

5. Glue the accent shapes in place. Use a roller tool to help these glue flat and smooth.

6. Turn the card over, position at attach the back side accent shapes over their corresponding panels. NOTE that the panel on the right (left from the front view) will cover and reinforce the emblem cutout area.

(You can see the un-coordinated backside of the front accent shape through the cutout window here.)

7. Build miniature fire truck on black base shape (black will show through as windows and bumpers), then position on base circle and add extension ladder above. Layer with sawtooth circle and emblem base with edge accent shape.

8. Position and glue the entire emblem backside to the left card front, including aligning edges of the right cutout edges from card main base, as well as plain panel section.

9. Layer the sentiment plaque components (base with fire hose rim, "Happy Birthday" cutout), then glue in place on the center panel.

Here is the finished card front view, closed.

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