Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fire Hose Cupcake & Flames Pick Assembly Notes

Fun fare for your fireman party!
Cut cupcake cut base that includes the wavy hose as rim design,
then layer on colored nozzle and hose.
Cup edges are overlapped, glued and secured with three mini brads,
and bottom platform has mini tabs to attach it to inside of sides.
Assemble pick with three layers, with the back layer
folded on center perf lines to create a partial channel
to hold a cut-off skewer as pick.

1. Identify and cut the shapes: (clockwise from top left)
Flame pick base, top and center accent, birthday optional number (file includes 2-9 number designs), cut to fit bamboo skewer stick, hose accent shape, cut main body shape, 3 tiny brads, nozzle tip accent shape.

2. Prepare the main cup body shape by "curling" the main section slightly at perf lines, folding bottom base back, tabs back.

3. Bring the side edges of cup together to overlap the right edge (near nozzle end) over the left to align the three punch holes. Glue edges that overlap . . . 

. . . then attach three mini brads.

4. Insert tabs behind the cup edge and glue in place, taking care to ensure that the cup case is even with the bottom edge of the cup sides.

5. Position and attach the hose contrast accent shape, beginning at nozzle end and working around to opposite end.

6. Overlap the nozzle shape over the accent hose piece, and glue surface that overlaps in place.

7. Glue the contrast nozzle accent shape in place.

8. Prepare the flame base shape for the pick by folding the perforations both as "mountain" folds. This will form a channel that will accept the pick stick later.

9. Align front flame shape left edges with base flame shape and glue the left half in place, staying clear of the channel edge.

10. Adjust the base flame shape by moving the right perforation slightly closer to the left so that the triangular channel is formed. Glue the remaining half of the front flame shape in place where the two surfaces touch.

11. Position and attach the birthday number shape.

Here is a view from the pick bottom showing how the channel is formed.

On the backside, the two short edges near the top of the flame base shape should touch or be very close to touching.

11. Cut the stick to length (now or later), then insert the end into the triangular channel. The pick is now ready to insert into the top of the cupcake which has been placed in the decorative fire hose wrapper.

Here is your cupcake ready to place
at each table setting on your
fire fighter party table.

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