Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stars and Swag Wreath Project Construction

Here is a show-stopper project
that combines the fun of multi-element wreath decorating
with the spirit of the July 4th patriotic holiday.

The cut paper designs featured here are all available
from SVG Attic (soon) and Silhouette America online stores.

The designs used are (ID numbers are for Silhouette America's):
3d star and bunting swag kit #61239
God Bless America phrase #28549
Eagle Crest #61242
Organic flourished star #44610 (modified)

1. Cut honeycomb kraft packing wrap (approx. 2.5 yds.) into 3 equal width long strips. Use hot glue to attach first end, then wrap the straw wreath base (14 inch in sample here) in overlapping layer all around. Hide joinings of strips at backside of wreath.

2. Wrap 3-4 yards of burlap ribbon in a spiral around wreath. Hid joining at back side.

Attach a length of jute string in a loop at the selected top of the wreath for a hanger.  (You can see the hanger at the top of the next image.)

3. Complete the paper cut out decor shapes, including the eagle crest, God Bless America phrase panel, swag bunting units (5), 3d stars (4), and organic star flourishes (one each left and right).

Join phrase panel below eagle. Attach eagle to wreath with long lengths of narrow jute string (navy in this model).

4. Tie narrow ribbon bows in tops of narrow 3d stars. 

Use hot glue to attach bunting at center bottom, then alternate with stars and bunting on each side around and up the wreath.

5. Position and attach the left and right organic flourish stars near top of wreath, leaving center free for the artificial floral pics and ribbon bow.

6. Disassemble patriotic pics, if desired, and attach these left and right under bow position. Tie and arrange ribbon with jute string and narrow burlap ribbon into a large bow with streamers. Wrap a length of the main ribbon around the wreath at the top to simulate that ribbon bow was tied in place. Hot glue the bow securely into position.

Here is my complete wreath.

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