Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wedding Wishes Box Card

Available soon from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store
is this dimensional card to send wedding wishes
to a special couple.

1. Identify and cut the pieces for the box, bridges, box front accents, and flaps.

2. Identify and cut the decoration shapes. Shown here, the shapes are pre-assembled. Refer to this image to prepare the completed shapes.
a. bouquet layer centers on blossoms, flowers onto base shape, handle and bow/streamers on top.
b. groom fold lapels back at perforations, layer with shirt, add bowtie and buttons.
c. bride add waist band & center accent in place, neck band at neckline, glue necklace tabs behind
d. rings position diamond behind prongs
e. license outline on top of base, hearts tie on to
3. Add front box accents to face side of lower box.

4. Attach flap accents in place of inside surface of box flaps.

5. Fold box into a tube. Join side tab under opposite straight edge of box.

6. Fold end tabs back on each of the two bridge strips.

7. Apply glue to tab ends. Position inside box cavity and attach tab ends approximately one-third of the way back from the front.

8. While glue is still fresh, fold the box body flat and pinch the attachment area to make sure the box can close flat, making any adjustments during the process.

9. Repeat the positioning, gluing, folding and "pinching" steps for the second bridge strip, placing it one-third of the way forward from the back of the box cavity.

10. Attach the bouquet on the tall back flap, leaving enough space for the "Wedding Wishes" phrase above.

11. Prepare the phrase shape with foam dimensional squares .....

..... then position and attach above the top of bouquet, below the hearts trio of flap.

14. Center and attach the heart arch behind the back bridge. Adjust the height to best position.

15. Position groom and bride on the front of the back bridge, attaching where these overlap. For extra dimension, attach with dimensional foam squares near bottom of bride and groom shapes.

16.  Attach license shape to the front of the front bridge, and the rings behind.

17. Position and attach the remaining phrase and heart shapes to the front flap.

And you're done!

Here is the assembled card folded flat.

If you plan to use the SnapDragon Snippets oversized envelope for box cards, make sure that the decor shapes extend no farther than 3/4 inch beyond box edges.
Here is another image of the completed box card.
Look for other box card designs
available from SnapDragon Snippets
through their regular outlets.


  1. Very nice - question can you use the Silhouette Portrait to make this box?

    1. The largest piece is the box base which measures 11.49 x 6.01 inches. So probably not, if I understand the portrait correctly. Sorry

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  3. Thanks to your great tutorial I just made this for my husband's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary! That big of an accomplishment deserves a show stopping card like this one. Thanks for another fabulous card!

  4. Hello everyone, I just joined your blog. I am just fininshing up with this box card, its my first! I love it. I just want to change the message on the front flap and I am wondering if anyone can tell me the font....I have no idea how to figure it out other than look through all the fonts on the computer. I am going to try in the meantime but if someone could help me that would be great~!!! Looking forward to participating in your blog!!!

    1. The font that was used is Honey Light Script, but as always, it was modified, stretched, beefed up, combined with another ampersand, etc. But perhaps that is a place you can start.

    2. Jodi, youre the best.....Ill try and post a pic when its done!!! Lynnette