Monday, December 14, 2020

Snowflake 3D Top Hat Easel Card

Celebrate Frosty’s famous head gear. 
Round card has layered under-lid panel that bends 
to prop up the attached snowman’s top hat. 
(Assemble the hat, attach pleated “ruffle” strips around 
cylinder platform, attach hat on top to conceal platform.) 
Attach the double layer sentiment panel with 
“Snowflake Wishes” and snowflake cutout to provide 
the “stop” for the easel mechanism. 
Decorate with included hat band and bow, 
then add accent studs, optional purchased 
holly leaves & berries for this extra special card suitable 
for Christmas or winter giving and display. 
Card measures approx. 5” x 5” x 2.875” tall when closed. 
Companion “Box 3D Twig Wreath” design provides a stylish, 
unique package for gifting this dimensional card. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base front/back joined
B card front disc (for strength)
C card back disc (for strength)
D & E interior offset accent shapes
F snowflake ring card front decoration
G 'stop' panel (2-3), snowflake & "Snowflake Wishes"
H & I hat crown sections   J brim ring
K, L & M (8) hat overlay accents 
N hat band sections (2)  O & P bow & knot
Q platform disc   R platform boxing strip
S pleating strips (3)
2. Prepare the card base by bending at center perforation
line (face sides together). Also bend the front panel
as shown on the long perforation line.
(This creates the "easel" action of card assembly.)
3. Position and attach the reinforcement circle
onto the bottom of the main card panel for weight, strength.
4. Position the front reinforcement circle onto
the lower portion only, to perforation line, as shown.
5. Open the card assembly to position and attach
the offset whole circle onto the back portion and
the half circle onto the adjacent panel onto
the front panel, with top edge aligned along
the perforation line.
6. Layer the stop panel to build it up for thickness
so that the easel edge will catch adequately to stand.
(Take care that all edges line up as precisely as possible;
press under a heavy flat weight like a book while the layers
dry thoroughly, to keep the stop from curling or warping.)
7. Position and attach the snowflake and word cut accents.
8. Position and attach the stop panel assembly
onto the lower inside panel, centered with narrow
offset between curved edges, as shown.
Preview the easel action to tip the card front so that
lower front edge catches and stops at stop panel edge.
9. Prepare the hat crown shapes by bending back
on all perforation lines for panels and tabs, except
fold the bottom (narrow) edge tabs forward.
10. Position the straight side edge of the octagon-attached
shape with the flange side edge of the other shape,
overlapping straight edge across flange, adjust up/down
to align the side seam, and join.
11. Position and attach the accent shapes onto 
the crown assembly, with narrow offset all around
the octagon, with crown wall accents placed at the top
of the wall panels, with narrow offset margin around
sides and top (bottom is left open for hat band positioning).
12. Position and attach the brim accent overlay
with octagon opening edges aligned precisely.
13. Form the crown assembly into a tube to bring
side straight edge to overlay opposite side flange tab
to perforation line, keeping the double rounded tabs
unattached ( these will be attached later, after
hat band is in place; see steps 17 & 18). 
Adjust top to bottom, and join seam.
NOTE that this side seam can have pressure added
when the assembly is flattened, as shown, if preferred.
13. Bend the top edge tabs inward at 90 degree angle,
then bend the "lid" down into position, adjust so that
wall top flange perforation edges align with 'lid' edges,
then join in place.
NOTE that it may be helpful to invert the shape with
the top octagon flat on work surface, then reach fingertips
inside to apply pressure along the tabs & edges until attached.
14. Prepare the crown's lower edge by bending tabs
inward so that they can be inserted into the brim octagon
opening . . . 
. . . then insert tabs into opening so that tabs
are fully through.
Bend tabs outward and attach to bottom of brim.

15. Prepare the bow shape by adding tight curl to
the widest loop portions on each half using a rod-like
tool like a pencil shaft.
Overlap the ends (perf. cuts will show where ends
should line up), and glue the overlap, and also
between the front and back to create the bow loops.
16. Bend the top of the 'knot' shape back, then
position front portion over center front of loops
assembly, bend the top back behind, and attach in place.
17. Bend the hat band back along each of the segment
section perf lines. Position the first lead band edge
behind the double tab extension, then align bottom edge
along brim-to-crown joint, perforations along crown
sections, and join in place. Repeat for the second band
shape for the remaining portion of crown.
18. Apply glue behind tabs extension then press
back to join in place.
19. Position and attach the bow at the crown section
just back from double tab.
20. Position and attach the crown top snowflake accent.
21. Prepare the platform boxing strip by adding some
back curl: use a rod-like tool such as the shaft of this pencil
to draw the strip across, taking care NOT to apply pressure
to the tabs on each side of the strip's main body.
22. Form the strip into a ring to overlap the straight
edge across the "tab" at opposite end (do NOT bend
back on guide mark cuts) to align at cuts, and glue seam.
23. Bend one set of tabs inward to establish 
platform TOP, and . . .
. . . bend the opposite set of tabs outward for BOTTOM.
24. Apply glue to the underside of the TOP tabs,
then insert the platform disc circle  inside to attach
to the tabs . . . 
. . . applying fingertip pressure all around the edges
until all tabs are securely attached in place.
25. Position the snowflake ring over the platform so that
the opening slides over the top . . . 
. . . and push down until opening edge catches at rim tabs.
Attach tabs to underside of snowflake ring.
26. Position (centered) the snowflake/platform assembly
on TOP of the card base assembly, and glue in place.
27. Prepare the pleating strips by bending the right
end tab forward (valley fold), then . . . 
. . . fold the second perforation back as a "mountain" fold,
then continue to alternate forward and backward folds
along the full length of the strip. Repeat for other two strips.
NOTE that it may be helpful to achieve crisp, complete
bends to stack the folded strip and apply pressure fully.
28. Position the first two strips for joining, with 
the straight end edge (right strip here) overlapping
the end tab to perforation line, then join.
NOTE that the ends should join without interferring
with the regular folding of the pleats.
29. Repeat to join the third strip onto the assembly.
30. Form the strips assembly into a ring to
align and join the final seam.
31. Prepare the ring for final forming and joining
by condensing/gathering the pleats into a smaller ring . . . 
. . . then flip the pleats flat onto the work surface . . .
. . . and transfer onto the card assembly. Arrange
the pleating ring evenly around the platform,
then apply quick-grab glue such as hot melt glue
shown at edge around base of platform, quickly
re-condense and force pleating in to platform edge, and
glue in place. Continue working quickly around platform
to condense, arrange and attach the pleating in place.
Be sure to push pleating ring inward to touch and join
to platform wall, then adjust or rearrange pleats
to be even all around while glue is still pliable.
32. Apply glue to the underside of the hat brim,
then position over platform and pleating.
Rotate so that the crown face with round tabs
is in the '7 o'clock' position and the bow is at side,
then attach securely in place.
33. Position and attach commercially prepared
holly leaves and berries or other decorations
as desired. Model project has short clipped stems
inserted under the bow loop, or attached along
the base of crown.
Here is the completed snowman top hat easel card
in the 'open' position.
Consider creating the companion box with lid
to hold the hat card for gifting.