Monday, December 14, 2020

Box 3D Twig Wreath with Opt Tag

Decorative gift box features ten sides with lid, 
each with double-side accent shapes. 
Lid decoration includes circle base, 
delicate wreath ring with guides for positioning the five branches 
and greenery sprigs (be sure to use sharp blade when cutting). 
Four-layer cedar cones add final colorful detail. 
Box measures approx. 5.2” diameter x 3.0625” tall when closed. 
Especially suited and sized to hold 
the “Snowflake 3D Top Hat Easel Card” separate design. 
Add the sized-to-fit “Tag Merry Christmas Oval” if desired. 
(Instructions for tag begin in Step 23.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box lid main shape   B box lid overlay
C lid boxing strip   D double accent overlays (5)
base main shape   F base overlay
G base boxing strip   H double accent overlays (5)
I lid accent circle overlay
J wreath twig circle   K twig overlay sections (5)
L evergreen sprig overlays (5)
M cedar cone components (5 sets)
2. Prepare the lid boxing strips by bending back on all
perforation lines for panel sections, tabs and rim flanges,
and end tabs.
3. Join the two strips by overlapping the straight edge
(shown on left at seam edges) across the end tab
of the opposite boxing strip, and gluing seam.
4. Place strips assembly face down on work surface,
then fold rim tabs (rounded corners) back to join
to strip backside, except . . . 
. . . leave the end rim tab that is opposite the remaining
5. Form the lid boxing strip into a ring to align
and join the final side seam, then fold back final
rim tab into position and glue in place.
6. Bend the top edge tabs inward at right angle, then . . .
. . . invert the rim ring top downward on work surface
and apply glue on the tabs backside.
Insert lid main shape into ring and adjust to press down
into place so that each straight edge aligns along tab
perforation line, and glue in place.
Apply fingertip pressure along each edge all around
to ensure complete and secure attachment.
7. Position the LID overlay shape on the outside
of lid assembly, to conceal construction tabs,
align edges at perforation edges, and glue in place.
8. Repeat steps 2-5 to construct the base of box
using the base shapes. Repeat step 6 to insert
and attach main base shape inside walls ring
in same manner as for lid.
(Apply fingertip pressure inside to join side walls
to main base shape.
9. Repeat step 7 to position base main shape overlay
on outside of base bottom, aligning edges and
concealing attachment tabs.
10. Prepare the lid and base accent decorative
shapes by bending back at the vertical center
perforation lines.
11. Position and attach base accent shapes with
perforation line aligned over a walls perforation line,
and with bottom and side edges offset slightly as shown.
12. Prepare to assemble the wreath lid decoration
by locating the placement guide cut marks that will
assist with twig ring base and added twig branches
placement (single cut marks in two sets of 5 cuts 
approx. 1/2" in from circle's edge) as indicated by 
upper finger, and base, and three-cut guide mark
that will be covered by wreath base ring, indicated
by lower finger.
13. Locate the two "bump" guide marks on
the twig ring. The bump beween the two short branches
will align at the guidemarks . . . 
. . . on the accent circle.
14. Position and attach the twig ring on the disc,
with twig ring aligned over triple dash ring guides,
then rotate as needed to line up "middle" bump
just above single guide marks.
15. Position the end of a single twig to align over
the "middle" bump of ring, and . . . 
. . . then adjust so that the main arch of twig more or
less lines up on top of ring. Attach in place, except . . . 
. . . leave the tip of sprig unattached beyond the middle bump
of ring so that final sprig can be tucked under first twig.
16. Repeat positioning and attachment for the next
sprig, working counterclockwise around ring.
17. Continue with remaining three twigs to position,
adjust and attach in place. When final twig is positioned
and attached, first move end of first twig out of the way
so that end of twig can be positioned and attached,
then reposition tip and attach in place.
18. Position the first evergreen sprig so that bottom tip
aligns with the "bottom" bump on the twig ring,
with the top tip just a bit inside the ring.
Repeat for the remaining 4 sprigs.
19. Prepare to assemble the cedar cones by identifying
and laying out the four shapes that layer together,
as shown here, bottom as #1 thru #4 as top.
a. layer #3 onto #4, centered, and with bottom 
edges aligned;
b. layer #2 shape onto the 4/3 assembly, centered
and with bottom edges aligned;
c. layer #4 shape (single scale) onto the assembly,
centered, and with bottom edges aligned.
This is the completed cone assembly.
20. Position a cone at the bottom tip of each
evergreen sprig, as shown. Repeat for
the remaining four cones.
21. Position the completed lid decoration disc assembly
on top of the LID assembly, adjust so it is centered,
and glue in place.
22. Repeat step 11 for the LID accent shapes, positioning each
centered top to bottom within the lid side wall panels.
Here is the completed model box base and lid.

23. Identify and cut the shapes for the tag.
NOTE that the shape on the top left is the "attachment"
tab, which is intended to allow easy attachment of tag
to front of wreath box. Also note that paper selection for
the model has the attachment tab cut to match the box lid's
decorative circle panel, to blend in and be less visible.
24. Layer the PLAIN tag base with (opt.) HANG TAB
and attach, then center and attach the scalloped oval.
25. Layer the two separate berries onto the base,
then center and attach at center of holly arch.
26. Preview the placement of word cutouts and
holly assembly, make adjustments for fit as needed,
then attach holly first, word cutouts on top.
27. Prepare the attachment tab by bending the center
perforation as "mountain" fold, side perforations
as "valley" folds.
28. Apply glue to center two panels ONLY, then
press backs together so that punch holes
and edges line up, and end tabs remain free.
29. To position the attachment tab so that the oval tag
will be centered more or less inside the wreath ring,
place it (centered) near the top of the lid.
It may be necessary to lift the top inner twig extensions
and slide the upper edge of tab under, then reposition
and re-glue once the tab bases are glued in place.
NOTE it may also be helpful to simulate the tag in place
when determining final positioning of tab.
30. Finally, position the tag's tabs over the attachment tab
and thread a length of twine or very narrow ribbon
through the pairs of holes, and tie knot and bow.
Here is the completed gift box with tag attached.

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