Friday, February 26, 2021

Card Leprechaun Head Shaped

 Enchanting St. Patrick’s Day character’s head with 
offset base. Flat easel card style with perforated back panel 
that allows lower portion to bend outward to reveal a place 
to include sentiment and stand on its own. 
Great for holiday giving or display. 
Card measures approx. 5” x 6.5” when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base front    B card base back (with cross perforation)
C face shape (with attached beard edge)
D left & right cheek inserts
E left & right ear contrast underlays
F beard     G nose and smile overlays
H left & right eye "whites"
I eye pupils (black) and contrast highlights show-thru (gray)
J hat brim with pass-thru cut, alignment eye holes
K hat crown    L hat band
M   hat buckle   N hat shamrock
2. Position and attach ear contrast show-thru shapes
behind the face with beard shape.
3. Position and attach beard over face assembly,
aligning bottom shaped edges, and placing top tips
at corresponding position at top/side of face.
(If using liquid glue, consider pressing ongoing assembly
under a flat, heavy object while the glue dries thoroughly
to avoid warping and curling or larger shapes.)
4. Position and attach eye highlight show-thru discs
behind each left and right pupil.
(Eye whites will be inserted into face cutouts later
in assembly.)
5. Assemble hat crown by positioning and attaching
hat band on top of hat crown with corresponding edges
lined up.
6. Position buckle at center of assembly, shamrock on left side,
with stem end tucked under buckle, or not.
7. Prepare to position and attach the hat brim by positioning
it above face assembly, then . . . 
. . . slide face top edges over the lower portion of brim
with face tips slipping into the brim cut . . . 
. . . and continue sliding brim downward until
the eyeholes of all layers line up (also adjust side to side
as necessary to ensure eye cutouts fully align).
Invisibly glue the face/brim surfaces together where
they touch.
8. Prepare to attach the crown assembly by positioning
it above the face/brim assembly as shown, then . . . 
. . . reverse the assemblies for a better view
so that the top curved edge of face shape and
bottom curved edge of crown assembly . . . 
. . . come together, align and abut.
Glue the lower edge of crown in place to face assembly
where they overlap.
9. Position and attach the overall assembly on top of
the card base, with even offset margin all around.
10. Insert and attach cheek circles into cheek cut outs
and eye "whites" into eye socket openings.
Also position and attach eye pupil assemblies over
eye "whites", nose and smile to complete assembly.
11. Prepare the card back base by bending the upper
portion above the perforation line forward in
a "valley" fold.
12. Position the upper back base portion
behind the card base front assembly, backsides
together, align edges that correspond, and glue
together ONLY the portion above the perforation,
leaving lower portion free to bend outward
to reveal inner sentiment space, and . . .
. . . create a self-standing easel effect.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tote Gift Box Shamrock Rings Leprechaun Tags

 Dimensional treat box has perforations to bend 
and angle hull walls to create container for fun St. Patrick’s Day 
(or other occasion) gifting. Top edges are scalloped, 
with square “on point” bottom bend-n-latch flaps.
Decorate tote front using three layered rings; 
optionally use the vertical beam ring placed on the back 
(and/or front) as attachment bar for two-layer shamrock accent 
with layered-for-thickness two-part button. 
Two punch holes at top allow for twine or ribbon tied closure. 
Measures approx. 6.5” tall x 2.75” wide x 3” deep base. 
Substitute “tag” Leprechaun Peeking Shamrock Ring (separate design) 
is custom sized as companion decoration.
Shamrock rings decoration and 
Leprechaun Peeking Shamrock Ring each 
measure approx. 5" tall x 5" wide when assembled.

(This tutorial is under construction.
Please return soon to view complete
assembly guide for standing tote box,
shamrock rings decoration, and
baby leprechaun peeking tag.)

(Tote and Shamrock Ring assembly will be followed by
Leprechaun Peeking ring tag assembly.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes for tote and shamrock ring: