Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Box Pyramid Sawtooth Triangle Panel

Miniature gift box for fun occasions. 
Sawtooth triangle walls bend up from 2.5” square 
base bottom to join at corners. Pair of punch holes on 
opposite sides allow ribbon tie closure. 
Shamrock charm (cut and layer, glue multiple layers for 
dimensional or button effect) threads onto ribbon front. 
Adorn front panel with offset panel: 
choose cut-out shamrock outline decoration 
or plain to include a hand-penned name or sentiment. 
(Plain triangle tags included, with or without punch hole. 
 Box measures approx. 2.5” wide x 2.5” deep x 2.5” tall. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box hull
B decorative "tile" tag for front
C shamrock "charm" (3 to layer for thickness)
2. Prepare the hull by bending back on the base square
perforation lines, forward on the sawtooth flange 
perforation lines.
3. Position and attach any "tiles" onto the box sides while
the hull is flat. The sample project uses only one tile,
placed on the front, with the punch holes aligned,
and a narrow offset margin evenly all around.
4. For optional thickened charm, layer and glue together
the shamrock shapes, taking care that all cut edges
align as precisely as possible, especially the punch holes.
While glue is drying thoroughly, place under a flat, heavy
object such as a large book to avoid warping or curling.
5. Assemble the hull by bending forward the "back" triangle
panel and one adjacent "side" triangle panel to bring
the sawtooth flanges together. Apply glue to one flange,
then press together and join.
6. Repeat for the "side" triangle panel on the opposite side
of the "back" panel, so that there are two sawtooth flange
seams joined.
7. The final panel - front - will be closed into position
and left un-joined, allowing contents to be placed inside,
but will essentially will follow the same positioning.
8. To complete the gift box, insert contents, thread
ribbon through front and back punch holes, with charm
threaded onto the front "tail", then tie knot and bow,
trim tails.

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