Friday, February 19, 2021

Celtic Heart Irish at Heart Card

St. Patrick’s Day card with a traditional heart flourish. 
Square card with top- or side-fold features zigzag 
and plain rounded corner “mats” on 5.25 x 5.25 card base, 
decorated with Celtic-style interwoven heart with 
narrow offset, and overlaid “Irish at Heart” word cut. 
(Use optional separate word cuts to align and attach 
to underline arch with welded words to present 
separate color selections and positioning guide.) 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A top-fold card base front & back
B sawtooth front accent panel
C plain front accent panel
D right heart Celtic trim (narrow and base)
E small left heart Celtic trim (narrow and base)
F large left heart arc Celtic trim (narrow and base)
2. Layer the narrow band shapes onto the front,
center, and align ends exactly. Glue to create the units.

3. Prepare to weave the Celtic heart components by
studying this diagram, below, which shows how the left small
and left large units weave over and under the 'S' curves
of the right component, and where the ends of the two lefts
abut under the right component (see gray color change).
(Apologies: the thumbnail includes a weaving error.)

4. Insert the bottom (right side) end of smaller unit
under then over the edge of right unit . . . 
. . . then continue to manipulate the two so that
the band portions begin inter-weaving in the over/under
configuration . . . 
. . . until the middle "square" windows take form,
and the half-circle notch end of smaller shape
stops in final position half-way under the band
position indicated by the pointing finger.
Also overlap the bottom "miter" angle across
the connection tab at bottom of right component.
(NOTE: the "(under)" notation shows where the error
was made in this assembly - 
correct this error in your assembly)
5. Add the left lobe component, "over" at top intersection,
and under the next where the small unit end previously
under-laps halfway - abut the ends so that the notch
fits together like a puzzle piece (see next photo)
. At bottom, overlap the straight "miter" edge at bottom 
connection tab, and glue ends in place.
Here the notched puzzle abutting seam is shown.
6. Adjust the components so "windows" are squared up
and even to appear as uniform as possible,
then glue miter and notched seams.
Also add a dab of glue between the members in
strategic positions, then press flat for final glue curing.
7. Position and attach the individual, separate word cuts
on top of the arch baseline where edges match.
8. Position and attach heart unit centered onto front
accent panel.
Position and attach the phrase unit (centered) over
the heart bottom tip as shown.

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