Thursday, July 30, 2015

Candy Cane Box Christmas Decor

Classic Christmas sweet treat is now a box 
for giving or for holiday decor. 
Composed of base "tube" and arched "tube" lid, 
with punch hole collar for attaching embellishments, 
and a base tube top opening inner support
Measures approx. 10.25" tall x 5.25" wide x 1.25" deep.
Embellish with separate-sold holly leaf cluster 
and 3d pine cones, twine, ribbon, tags and more. 
Use as a loose goodies container, 
or glue lid to base for re-usable Christmas decor. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A base tube shape
B lid arch shape
C punch hole collar
D white striping strips (5)
Not shown: green striping strips (5); 
        reinforcement collar

2. Prepare the base tube shape by folding on the long perforations. Also fold the bottom cap hexagon and tabs back.

3. Form the base shape into a tube to bring the long vertical straight edge to overlap the opposite long tab perforation line. Glue in place.

NOTE: because this shape is symmetrical, it is possible to press the tube shape flat on a table surface with long tab folded under to position and apply pressure along the seam.

4. Fold the end cap tabs inward and apply adhesive to them. Tuck the five tabs to the inside of the tube . . . 

. . . and apply pressure from the outside until sides and tabs are fully connected.

5. Prepare the tube opening reinforcement shape by bending the edge tabs upward.

6. Apply adhesive to the underside/outside tab surfaces, then insert into the tube opening, carefully push down until the tab top edges are even with the tube top edges. 

Apply pressure until secure.

7. Prepare the arch tube shape by bending back on all perforation lines for tube sections, end cap, and tabs.

8. Each of the six sections that are connected across the center will be formed into tubes and then connected.

Begin at the tab (opening) end to form the first section into a tube. Overlap the short straight edge over the corresponding tab on the opposite side of the section, and glue in place.

9. Form the second section into a tube in the same fashion.

10. Bend the inner edge tabs of the first section in temporarily so that they can fit into the adjacent tube opening of the section section. Apply adhesive to the tabs, then bend the second tube section to overlap the tabs. Line up each of the second section edges with corresponding tab perf lines - it may be helpful to begin with the center edge . . . 

. . . then move fingers to apply pressure to other edges and tabs.

11. Repeat the process to form a tube for each of the remaining sections . . . 

. . . then position with straight edge overlapping tabs as for first two sections, until all sections are joined.

12. Fold opening end tabs to the inside of arch tube and glue in place.

13. Fold end cap tabs inward, apply adhesive, then tuck into the tube opening, adjust and apply pressure as for the base end cap as in step 4.

14. Prepare the attachment collar (optional) by bending on the short perforations to form a ring, except bend punch tabs outward.

The ring will be wrapped around the base tube as shown and glued into place. It's position should be just below where the arch tube lid bottom edge will be when arch is in place, approx. .75" down from opening edge.

One way to gauge the position is to compare the segment of the arch lid.

15. Identify the first strip that has a narrowed end. Position and glue the end with the "trimmed" edge flush with the bottom edge of the base, across one of the tube sides.

16. Wrap the strip across the adjacent side, following the angle established by the trimmed edge positioning. Bend at the ridges by finger-pinching, and glue in place.

17. Continue to spiral wrap the strip at a matching angle, bending and gluing in place. The model maintains approx. 1 inch between the stripes.

18. Add next strip by overlapping new strip slightly and gluing, then continue the wrapping.

Trim excess at the upper edge of the collar (or if the collar is being omitted, where the lid overlaps to.

19. Place the lid arch onto the base tube . . .

. . . then attach a new strip where the striping would continue, trimming the lead edge flush with the bottom edge of lid.

20. Continue wrapping the lid stripe in similar manner as for base tube, adjusting and "previewing" the positioning before gluing into position.

(The arch makes it a little more difficult to position the spiraling stripe. You may want to study the model image as an example.)

21. Cut and add the optional green stripes parallel to the first set of stripes.

22. Remove the lid to fill with loose candy, etc.

23. Attach decorations using the punch hole tabs of the collar.

This model has two 3d pine cones attached with a double length of decorative baker's twine, with a cluster of posable holly leaves that have a knot and bow of twine. (hot glued in place above the punch hole tabs.