Monday, July 6, 2015

Dino Dig 3d Kids' Hard Hat

Help a child "get their paleo on"
with this card stock dig zone hard hat
as they pretend to go on a dino dig.
Adjustable back strap to make it fit better.
Layer and attach front "dig zone" panel,
swirl and circle chaser head lamp,
and detailed "Diggin' Dinos" t rex skull logo
panel on each side.

1. Identify and cut the shapes, including the main hat shape, hat bill, crescent front support and crescent accent shapes (not shown here; refer to the hard hat at the link above to view these shapes in the first image there).

NOTE: hat assembly shown here are from the "Construction Hard Hat" project tutorial. 

2. Fold hat body slightly downward on perforations to bring side section tab toward front. Attach under the front side edge as shown, aligning lower edges of front and side.

Repeat for the opposite side.

3. Fold the bill slightly on perforations. Fold tabs upward. Position at the body front lower edge.

4. Attach center segment bill tab behind body lower front edge, then attach each side tab in similar fashion.

5. Prepare "crest" reinforcing shape by folding inward on all perforations. Side "L" shapes will line up roughly with the shaped center section.

6. Align a center section edge with corresponding side edge and glue in place. Continue to align each center edge (by folding center at perforation so that angle matches side edges) with side section edges, until all sides are joined to center. NOTE: Back end (beyond the longest center section) has a small section that connects with tiny side edge, BUT end tab section should remain free and unattached.

Here is a side view with all but the small end section being glued to final set of tabs.

And  here is the end view.

7. Align crest over body construction, with narrower FRONT end toward hat front. Line up crest tabs with hat body slots, then insert tabs, fold tabs to sides, and attach to underside of hat body.

Here is a view of the inside of the hat with the tabs inserted through slots.

8. Fold the back end tab under, align perforation with the edge of hat body, and glue in place.

9. Fold crest accent shape on perforations, then center and glue in place on crest, lining up perforations of each. 

10. Prepare the decorations:
shown top left around clockwise --
head lamp layers and shapes
"dig zone" front sign
logo skull upper and lower
logo ring and base shape
assembled logo

Assemble logo by layering the skull and jaw upper and lower shapes (note the edges that line up and the edges that are offset for each), attaching the individual letters on the ring. Attach all to the base silhouette shape that includes the edge "teeth".

Complete two logos, one for each side of the hat. 

11. Apply adhesive to the backside of each logo in preparation for attaching.

SUGGESTION: due to the curved shape of the hat and the need for adjustability, liquid adhesive may NOT be the best choice.

Instead, consider using a different spaced secure adhesive such as these clear adhesive squares placed strategically near the center of the logo backside.

12. Position and attach decorations to hat:
head lamp on lower portion of crescent
"dig zone" sign below crescent
logo unit on each side of hat

Here is the completed hat.

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