Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Deputy Star 3d Box Assembly Guide

Fun dimensional box (base plus lid) is great 
for western or cowboy style event, party, or as a gift box. 
Measures approx. 5" tall x 5" wide x 1.5" deep. 
Box lid includes shape that echos in angular edges 
the knob-pointed pentagram star. 
Accent top shape has cutouts with backside shape 
to show through opening cuts, edge thick-line shape, 
and "DEPUTY" letter cutouts (with positioning template). 
Base for box is simpler star shape cut as one piece, 
with accent panels to cut from a colorful paper. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A one-piece base with sides and rim
B base accent shapes (5)
C lid main star shape
D bottom lid boxing strip
E top lid boxing strip
*F lid front accent with contrast, letters
G accent star rim
H lettering template
*NOTE the "blue" contrast shape has been modified in the final file version

2. Prepare the base shape by folding back along all perforation lines, folding forward at side extensions side end tab.

3. Fold the first side section of the star-shaped base box perpendicular to the main star shape, and fold back the free part of the extension to form one of the star point sides. Tuck the bottom edge tab inward toward the base box's interior to align the tab's perforation line at the adjacent free straight edge of the star floor. Glue in place.

It will assist the gluing and attachment of the floor tab seam to place the assembly flat on a hard surface and press thumb or finger into the point area along the tab/seam areas.

4. Fold the adjacent side section up in similar fashion, align the end straight edge at the first strip's end tab "valley" fold, adjust so that top and bottom of boxing strips line up, and glue in place.

5. Continue to assemble the rest of the base box following the assembly in steps 4 & 5 until all strip extension tabs and edges are attached.

6. Apply glue to the underside of each of the (10) rim tabs, fold toward the inside of the box and glue in place.

7. Bend each of the accent strip sections forward at the center vertical perforation. 

Position one on each side section of the base box, with perforations of each lined up, accent strip center (offset from edged) on the boxing strip.

8. Prepare the top (long) and bottom (short) lid boxing (side) strips by bending on the vertical perforations to follow the in/out direction of the lid main star edge shape.

9. Identify the center of each strip to get familiar with how they will be attached to the main lid star. Shown here is the top strip, and the area pointed to is the inner angle position.

Shown here is the bottom strip with the center of the bottom angled position being pointed to. This joint is marked with "+" in each tab.

10. Continue preparing each lid boxing strip by bending inard the top tabs row at perpendicular angle.

Fold bottom tabs upward and glue in place on the backside of the strip, EXCEPT leave the tab opposite the short end tab flat.

11. Position the bottom boxing strip first, with the center marked perforation line aligned at the inner angle at the bottom of the star.

Once you have the correct positioning established . . . 

. . . line up and join the long tab to the corresponding star edge.

12. Continue to bend, align and join each star section edge to the corresponding tab section's perforation edge.

Work along the first half of the boxing strip until completely attached, then repeat for the opposite half.

13. Attach the top strip to the attached bottom strip end, with tab under the new strip's end straight edge.

(NOTE: you can see the unattached bottom tab still unfolded.)

14. Position edges and perforation lines of the newly-attached boxing strip and lid star until all edges except the final 1-2 are left to attach.

In one motion, fold the end tab behind the first, attached strip's end straight edge while at the same time lining up the final star edges and tab perforation lines to complete the attachment of strips and star.

15. Fold back the final rim tabs and attach.

16. Prepare the accent lid star shape by positioning and attaching the contrast shape behind the accent star.

NOTE:  the accent shape has been modified for the final file version by expanding taller to underline the bar cut openings as well as the stars.

17. Position and attach the rim outline on the accent star.

18. Position the letters for "DEPUTY" onto the accent star. One way to do this is to use the template provided in the file, centered in the space between the bar cutouts, and side to side, then temporarily in place with temp tape or equivalent.

Position and glue each letter in place on the star through the appropriate "window" of the template, then . .

 . . . . carefully remove the template, leaving the letters in their appropriate spacing and position.

19. Position and attach the accent star front onto the star of the assembled lid.

It may be helpful to turn the lid face down on flat surface and apply finger pressure from the back side to ensure complete attachment.

Here is the completed star box.

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