Monday, June 8, 2015

Fisherman's Bucket Hat Favor Box

Cut and build this sporty 3d bucket hat favor box
for your favorite fisherman or dad.
Easier than you might think, with six-section crown & brim,
base box that slides into the cavity below,
with straps that hold the box in place.
Decorate with hat band that has eyelet accents,
hooks, fly, lure and bobber.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A hat crown/brim sections (6)
B hat band sections (2)
C hat band accent front plates (6) shown with eyelets in place
D brim edge trim arches (6)
E hat top with slots for top "button"
F top button and loop band
G base box (NOTE this shape has been changed to be one piece with shorter sides in the final cut file, as will be shown in tutorial steps posted here.)
H decorations: bobber, hooks, lure, fly
NOT SHOWN: latch hook strips to hold box in place (see step 23)

2. Prepare the main hat sections by folding as shown: side tabs back, top section back, bottom section forward.

3. Apply glue to the top tab, bring the corresponding straight edge of the next section to be joined in line with the top section's perf line, adjust so that top of hats line up, as well as perforation lines for the top sections then apply pressure to join.

4. Repeat the alignment process for the middle section of the shapes being joined, adjusting so that the middle section straight edge lines up exactly at the tab perforation line opposite. Hold in place until joined.

5. Repeat the alignment and gluing process for the bottom (brim) section of both shapes being joined. Make sure that the bottom curved edges line up as precisely as possible.

6. Repeat the prep, alignment and joining process to join a third section of the hat to the first two assembled.

7. Continue to add the fourth, fifth and sixth sections in the same manner.

When the final (6th) section has been joined to the assembly, bring the straight edges of the first section in line with the tab perf lines of the sixth section and join in similar manner to create a "tube" that is the hat.

8. Glue each of the 6 crown rim arch strips at the corresponding face edge of each section. Take care that arches are aligned/centered from side to side, and that the curved edges line up as precisely as possible.

9. Prepare the two hat band sections by folding back on the three perforations on each strip.

10. Join the two strips together to form a ring by overlapping the straight end edge over the corresponding end tab perforation of the other strip. Glue edge to tab. (Do this for both ends.)

11. Position and attach one accent face place to each segment of the hat band ring.

12. Attach a small grommet/eyelet at each hole punch.
(NOTE: the hat segments also include hole punches, but it may be too difficult to attach the grommets with a hammer or tongs applicator when the band is in place. Hat holes would make brad fastener "studs" possible in place of eyelets.

13. Slide the hat band ring over the crown, lining up segments of each for a good fit. Slide band down until it seats at the valley defining crown and brim. Glue bottom edge in place (this allows for decorations to be "tucked" into or behind the top edge).

14. Prepare the top "button" by folding sides down slightly at center hexagon perforations. Fold loop strip in half, and insert through the top slit of the button to the end "tab" perf marks. Fold loop ends outward and glue in place on the underside of the button "roof".

15. Insert button end tabs into corresponding slots on hat top, then . . . 

. . . fold each tab outward and glue in place.

16. Fold the edge flanges of the hat top upward. Apply adhesive to the undersides of each flange, then . . .

. . . slide into place at the top of the crown opening.

Adjust so that top cut edges of hat top flanges and crown top line up as precisely as possible. (Push outward from inside if the top settles too far downward.)

Apply "pinching" pressure along flange edges until each is secure.

17. Arrange and attach decorations by tucking slightly behind hat band.

18. Layer the tag shapes and glue to attach. Cut a short length of your favorite coordinating twine, insert through hat button's loop, then tie the tag in place at top of hat.

This model uses Krafty Red Trendy Twine. 

Follow this link if you are interested in this product.

Here is the 3d hat portion completed.

19. Prepare the base box by folding the single shape at the center hexagon perforation lines to bring each of the six sides upward. Fold side tabs inward and top tabs back.

20. Join each side tab under the adjacent straight side edge, adjusting to make sure that the top tab perf lines line up as precisely as possible. Complete all six side seams.

21. Apply adhesive to each tab backside, then fold downward to the interior of the hex box and hold in place until each is secure.

You may find it helpful to place the face of the box that is having the tab folded back and glued in place flat on a table surface to be able to apply direct pressure along the tab's length.

Rotate for each of the six sides top press and hold for all tabs.

22. Insert the box, open end first, into the underside of the hat, and push in completely.

23. Prepare the latch strips by folding the end taps upward slightly, and folding back slightly at the mid perforation line.

24. Hook the ends at the cross slot, as shown, extend the strips across box bottom so that the mid perfs fall approximately at the bottom's edges of two parallel sides, and adjust . . .

. . . so that the end tab short edge line up at the center of brim curved edge. 

Glue the tabs in place on the underside of the brims in these positions. Hold until secure.

Here you can see how the completed gift box will appear
with the box in place and the straps latched.
Simply slide the latch end hooks apart to remove the box
and fill it, then replace in the same (but reversed) steps.
Here is how our hat box looks completed.


  1. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute and realistic box! Great design.