Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fire Hydrant Bottle Cover

Set the theme for a Firehouse Party table setting
is this 8 oz. size water bottle cover place card design.
Built as a hex-based tube with add on embellishments,
the bottom is open to slide over the bottle.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A cover body
B body accent shapes for 6 panels
C upper rim reinforcement shaper hollow hex
D "lid" top open hex
E body lower edge accents shapes (6)
F "lid" partial wedges (6)
G side add-on base shapes (2)
H add-on center extension (2), side accent shapes (4 of 2 sizes)
I name tag front and back

2. Fold the body shape on the vertical, top perforations pair (inner perf lines backward, outer perf lines upward), and lower rim perf lines (back). 

3. Attach the body decor shapes to the body front panel. NOTE each panel uses a specific shape to allow slots to stay clear.

(Also note that the accent paper shown here is different from the layout image in step 1.)

4. Fold the rim back, and the outer tab upward to form a ledge. Glue the rim portion to the backside of the body piece.

5. Fold the body into a tube, then glue the tab behind the straight edge opposite.

6. Add the lower rim accent shapes at each panel lower edge.

7. Insert and attach the top hollow hex shape into the top opening, applying adhesive to the top surface "ledge" tabs, adjusting the opening shape until the hex shape fits properly.

8. Prepare the "lid" segment shapes by folding upper, lower and side tabs back, then fold slightly on the horizontal perf line.

9. Join the first two segments by overlapping the straight edge over the tabs to the perf line, aligning and attaching the lower, then the upper in separate steps. The seam area will form a slight curve.

10. Continue adding segments until all 6 are in place, then join end to end to form a ring.

11. Fold the lower tabs upward and glue in place.

12. Position the top "lid" hollow hex shape over the top tabs then attach while adjusting the lid "tube" shape to align perf lines to hex edges. One way to accomplish this is to attach one side, then when the first is secure, position the parallel opposite side edge. Once these two are in place accurately, the remaining pairs of edges are easier to work with, adjusting the sides to match hex edges.

13. Prepare the side add-on base by folding side and front sections downward, folding side and front "bevel" sides toward front, with tabs under front side edges.

14. Prepare the side add-on center extension piece by folding in half, with end tabs folded outward. Glue the top non-tabs portions together.

15. Add side accent shapes to the side add-on base. Insert the extension piece tabs through slot. Fold tabs outward on the inside and glue in place.

16. Align and insert the add-on unit tabs into the slots on the hydrant body sides.

17. Center and attach the name card front to back shapes. Glue in place, if desired, then attach with decorative brads to attach through card and hydrant body.

18. Dry fit (without glue first) the top "cone" into the recess at the top of the hydrant. Fit will be snug. Remove, then add adhesive inside the rim at the angle, then replace the cone and hold until edges attach.

19. Slide the 8 oz. water bottle inside the hydrant from the bottom, as shown.

How many guests will you have at your
fire fighter party table?

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