Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bunting and Stars Patriotic Swag

Festive elements to use in combinations for wreath or patriotic swag.
Cut files include the larger bunting semi circle as shown here
which measures approx. 3.6" x 8", 
or a smaller version measuring approx. 2.75" x 6.125"
(slightly different top band design).
3d see-thru star ornament measures approx. 3" across,
and is provided in a 1" depth and a .6" depth.
Two top hanging methods for each: inserted tab with punch hole,
or paired punch holes in boxing body near top point.
Cut files available soon for purchase and download
from SnapDragon Snippets through SVG Attic
and the Silhouette America online store.

 1. Identify and cut the pieces. At left are the 5 pieces required for ONE swag unit (this is the large size). At right are the 5 pieces required for ONE "thick" star with slot hanging tab.
2. Fold the bunting on the perforation lines, beginning at the two nearest the center as "mountain" (back-to-back) folds, the work toward the sides folding in alternating order as "valley" (front-to-front) folds, mountain, valley. 

When folding is completed and pleats are flattened, the top edge should align in a straight edge.

3. Apply a little glue inside each pleat near the top of the bunting only. Re-align pleats and flatten as in image for step 2, and hold in place while applying pressure until glue is secure.

4. Layer the three decor pieces, then position and glue centered at the top of the folded bunting.

5. Fold top band, apply adhesive on inner (underneath) surfaces of both halves.

Center and place over top of assembly, aligning center hole and if possible, side holes. (Because of the variety of paper thicknesses that can be chosen for this project, the side holes may or may not line up exactly.)

6. Use sharp tool like this awl to punch through layers to create holes to match the band front and back holes. 

 7. Attach decorative brads (regular size) through the three holes. 

NOTE that end holes are for hanging the bunting into a swag, using string or ribbon, etc.


This image compares the two star styles included in the cut file. The blue one is deeper (thicker) and has a separate hanging hole tab that is inserted through a slot in the wider star boxing strip at top.

The red star is more shallow, and has a pair of punch holes for threading ribbon or string.

 8. Bring top ends of pair of left and right boxing strips together, and overlap the straight edge over the tab end that includes the slot, but make sure most of the slot still shows. This creates one long strip.

Fold the strip at the perforations to match the star shape. Fold tabs back.

9. Fold hang hole tab in half at center, then fold tabs away. Glue center surfaces together.

Insert tab from backside of boxing through the slot, stopping at the end tab perforations.

10. Glue the tabs in place on the backside of the boxing.

11. Align the first star upper edge with the perforation angle on one side of the top point. Apply glue to the tab, position and hold in place until glue is secure. Make sure that the angle perforation of the boxing and the angle of the star front correspond accurately.

12. Fold boxing to align edge with next star front edge and repeat the process to glue the tab behind the star.

13. Continue to work around the star side to join each segment with a star point edge. Complete the second side of the star, but see the next image before final side is attached.

14. As the final side is positioned to be glued, also prepare the end tab to be joined to the opposite boxing end.

Assist the gluing process by using a skewer or similar long narrow tool inserted inside the star openings and positioned behind the area being glued, so that fingers have something to press against to help seams join.

15. Add the back star shape to the boxing tabs in similar fashion.

Here is the completed thick tab hole star.

Here is a completed section of the swag. I have used 1/2" wide sheer red ribbon threaded through the bunting end holes, strung behind the swag band, then through a wooden unfinished bead on each side of star hang hole tab, then through the next swag unit.

Here is wreath project that uses 
the shallower star and smaller bunting swag unit . . .

... and the whole wreath looks like this.

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial. Will definitely have to make this.