Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fireman's Party Hat Tutorial

Is there a kid that wouldn't love to pretend to be a fire fighter 
by donning this replica paper hat?
Made to fit young children,
it features an open back design to make construction access easier,
Front built-up crest adds sturdiness and shape,
and is finished off with decorative "Fire Chief" emblem.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A hat crown
B hat brim
C crest 

Accent and decor shapes:
brim accent "ring"
crest center
emblem components

2.  Fold the crown into shape to bring the side front lower tabs toward the center front side edges, align the front edge with perforation guideline and match up bottom edges, and glue in place. Glue both sides.

3. Prepare the crest shape by pre-folding on the perforations as shown. Fold the center perforations in a "curl" shape. Fold the side wings and tabs downward,

4. Fold and swing the top center edge to align at corresponding tab/side perforation and glue in place. Repeat for opposite side edges.

5. Position and join the lower edge segments with corresponding edges of side wing until the entire edge is attached. Repeat for the opposite side edges.

It may be helpful to turn the crest assembly over, place the front on a flat surface, and press the tab against the front to attach tabs and edges securely.

6. "Curl" the front center accent shape by folding slightly on the perforations. Glue in place, centered on the crest assembly, aligning the front lower edges, then working toward the back to align perforation lines of both layers as closely as possible.

(Differences in paper thickness may throw alignment off slightly, but this should not really pose a construction issue.)

7. Assemble the emblem layers as shown, then position over the crest assembly. Glue in place and attach mini brads through all layers at punch holes.

8. Prepare the brim by folding all the tabs upward at perforations.

9. Line up the crown and brim center fronts by matching the star cutouts. Apply glue to the face surface of the front center tab and one or two on each side of the center. Overlap crown lower edge to the perforation line (centers still aligned) and attach.

10. Flex the crown away from brim slightly to continue applying glue to the next few tabs, then reposition the crown edge over the brim exactly at the perforation line/angle and attach. 

Continue working back until all tabs are attached. Repeat process for opposite side of hat.

Here you can see what the tabs look like on the inside of the crown.

11. Position the crest assembly over the crown center front. Slide lower tabs into corresponding slots. Fold tabs outward on the inside (outward will make it easier to apply pressure between crown surface and tabs), and glue securely.

Complete both sides.

Here you can side the tabs on the inside of the crown, ready to be folded outward and glued in place.

12. Carefully flex the pieces to slide the back crest tab into slot. Fold outward on the inside of crown and glue in place as in step 11.

13. Bring bands to the center back. Align with the back brim tab . . .

. . . and secure with a regular size brad.

14, Position and attach the brim rim accent shape.

15. Position and attach side accent shapes with lower edge sitting at the connection between crown and brim. Front straight edge should abutt the crest at front, and perf guideline should fall roughly at the crown front-to-side seam.

Here is the completed hat from
front side view.


  1. where do we find your files?

    1. Available under "Hearthsewn" designer in the Silhouette America online store.