Monday, June 10, 2013

"GROW" 3d Letter Box Ensemble

Just in time for warm weather, 
here is the latest in the 3d Letter Box Ensemble series.
This display features 3d letter boxes for three of the letters,
 and a substitute terra cotta pot and watering can for the "r". 

Getting the "GROW"-ing started is
 the magnificent letter G!

The letter boxes in this ensemble come from SnapDragon Snippets cut designs available through the Silhouette America on-line store. For this display, the letter sets have been enlarged from 175% to 200%. Both the lid (front) and the bases are created, then hot glued together, decorated, and mounted on a covered foam core base.

This G front is decorated with three organic flourish shapes cut from double-sided adhesive, creatively applied, then sprinkled with fine green glitter. Leaning nearby is the miniature 3d garden spade with it's tip already seeming to be pushed into the waiting soil.

 In the role of understudy for the regularly-scheduled "R" is a 3d watering can which gently leads the viewer to the "r" suggested by the can's spout and handle shapes. Helping to give the 'r' the presence it deserves is a 3d terra cotta pot, turned bottom up.

Rolling into place is the 'O', its omitted tunnel holes covered by the 3d packet of carrot seeds.

Finishing strong is 'W' - where there's lots going on. Seeming to grow right out of the W is a pair of 3d flat daisy flowers, attached with floral wire and tape to stem wire inserted into punched hole.

Hanging from their customary "peg" (that is, brad), is a pair of garden gloves with jaunty flower embellishment. Also in place is the ladie's straw garden hat. This version of the cut file has been reduced to around 7" diameter.

The DELIGHT is in the details, so let me point out a few that I had fun with. The hat stand is a painted wooden final that is glue-attached to a large hole punched and then cut into the letter layers. The sun hat has spunky ribbon tied around the brim, with yellow eyelets attaching it in place. Cord has been threaded through the brim/band area punched holes, exiting on the hat's interior, with a bead and knot at the ends. 

We hope this is inspiring you
to do little paper crafting of your own!

Cut file designs used in this project:
3d letter boxes: G, O, W
3d watering can
3d garden spade
3d terra cotta pot
3d carrot seed packet
3d flat daisy
3d garden hat
garden gloves
organic flourish
garden glove with flower

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