Saturday, June 22, 2013

May On the Docket Construction Helps

May On the Docket has 4 sections that are constructed using machine paper foundation (mpf) piecing techniques. Since, for the most part, this technique is the same for the May project as it is for months previously discussed, refer to February or March, or to the Log Cabin tutorial.
Review the specific tips and helps which follow to assist you in constructing your own fabric mini quilt for May. 

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Use conventional mpf piecing to complete 
Sections 1, 3 & 4.

To complete the top panel of the mini quilt, trace and cut a left and a right patch using Template A.

Use temporary marker to mark 1/4" seamlines next to the upper inside (angled) edges that will joing to Section 1.

Prepare dimensional ruffle appliques by tracing the template on the backside of 2 layers of apron fabric (pieces laid right sides together).  Adjust machine stitching length shorter. Stitch exactly on traced line. Trim allow allowance at stitching edges to 1/8". Clip to inside corners through seam allowance. Turn. Work seam edges out fully. Press flat. Complete hand running accent stitching near side edges.

Position each on top of Template A patch, adjusting until the upper seamline intersect of ruffle is at marked guidelines as shown. Pin or baste in place. Straight lower edge of ruffles should align with lower cut edge of A patch.

Refer to Step 3 to join A patches to side edges of Section 1. Note that the top edges of ruffles at top of seam should be exactly 1/4" down from top cut edge.

Prepare dimensional skirt following directions as listed in Step 2 of instructions (page 4). Prepare, position and top stitch pockets in place following instructions in Step 4 and within Skirt Template shapes. 

For Section 4, position and affix the fabric patch for #1 background in place. Trim the 

three #1 edges that fall at the edge of the section on the solid outer line (as though this were the final trim).  Position top of skirt applique centered at top of patch #1 of Section 4; pin in place. Move skirt edges inward to align with cut edges of patch #1. Pin, then baste WITHIN the 1/4 seam allowance.

Position fabric for patch #2 in regular sequence for mpf of Section 4. Stitch seam, which will also stitch across and incorporate the raw edges of the skirt dimensional applique.

Press #2 back into position, trim, remove paper in the usual fashion.

Join Section 4 between sections2 & 3. Press seams toward center. 

Here is the layout of the section panels with the background strips (see steps 3 & 5).

Before joining the seams to complete the apron panel, fold back and pin the hem edge of free dimensional apron skirt so it won't get caught in the lower strip seam.

This is the apron panel completely joined.

Complete steps 6 & 7 according to the directions.

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