Saturday, June 22, 2013

June On the Docket Construction Helps

June On the Docket includes 5 blocks that use  machine paper foundation (mpf) techniques plus dimensional and freezer paper applique. Since most of the mpf sections follow standard procedures, please refer to previous Docket tutorials of the Log Cabin block tutorial for review of that technique.

Review these project-specific tips and helps to construction your fabric mini quilt version of June On the Docket. 

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for this project, go to the Hearthsewn Patterns website by clicking this link: then scroll to the 'O' portion of the alphabetical listing. 

 For dimensional applique collar and tie, trace template shapes onto fabric backsides as shown. Collar is traced on doubled fabric. Tie on single layer

Adjust stitching to short length, then stitch around collar on traced line, carefully pivoting at corners and inside angles. Use matching thread.

Trim away excess fabric leaving a scant 1/8" seam allowance. Clip carefully through seam allowance almost to stitching at inside angles. Trim away a little of the excess at collar tips.

Select the "backside of the collar", then separate the layers and carefully cut a clip through the back layer ONLY to allow for turning.

Use a knitting needle, tweezers, or similar tool to turn the collar right side out. Work all angles and corners out fully, then press flat. Top stitch with matching thread neatly near edges, if desired. Fold the sides in toward the center so that the upper outside corners meet neatly. Adjust as necessary, pin or hold in place as you press the creases into the collar.

Prepare the block by cutting and joining A & B patches (step 2). Position collar at seamline, centered side to side, so that the underneath angles align exactly on the seam. When final adjustment is obtained, pin in place. Stitch on crease line (slightly toward the center-block side of the crease) up and back to hold in place.

Prepare the dimensional tie.
From left:
A. Knot has allow. at edges folded back. Un-fold bottom edge.
1. Fold straight end in half, right sides together; stitch across, open seam and finger press. Turn.
2. Position seam down center back and press.
3.Tie piece folded right sides together in half lengthwise and stitched with seam along raw edges. Turn right side out.
4. Position knot bottom crease along tie top seamline, center, and stitch across. (Photo has knot pinned in place.)

With knot pressed upward into position, place the prepared tie applique so that upper crease aligns with meeting point of top collar angled points. Collar front edges should overlap the knot neatly as shown. 

When quilt top and quilting is complete, lower portion is held in place with a bead tie tack. Hand-stitch bead in place invisibly through as many layers of quilt as deemed desireable.

For the Tire Block (page 3), pop can tabs are used for the hubcap detail. Remove tabs from empty cans using pliers.

Use pliers to flatten or pull away any sharp edges that may remain, and to flatten the tab so that it will lay against quilt top appropriately.

(Image of tab hubcap layers and attachment embroidery stitching will go here.)

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