Saturday, June 8, 2013

Terra Cotta 3d Garden Pot Tutorial

Create this realistic planting pot using one 12x12 sheet of card stock. 
(Finished size approx. 3 1/8" tall x 4" at widest.)
This svg cutting design from the creative minds at SnapDragon Snippets
is available for purchase from the Silhouette America online store.
Of course, it could NOT be used for real planting -- water would destroy it. 
Still, you will find lots of other great ways to use it.
Perhaps you will fill it with garden goodies like seed packets, 
a rolled pair of gardening gloves, gift card to a favorite garden center, or even candy corn.
Wrap in cellophane with a bow and tag, and it will be a unique and thoughtful gift.

Here are the 9 cut out pieces used to create the pot. Clockwise from upper left: inside hex base; inner liner; rim section; back side piece (includes outer base hex), five side pieces.

Begin by bending the BACK SIDE and SIDE pieces at the bottom perforations making a mountain fold (inner) and a valley fold for each. Also fold side tabs back.


The back side piece is shown in the illustration above, and a representative side piece is shown here.

Note the "lower rim" section - long rectangle - between the body of the side and the tab on all side and back side pieces. These rim areas will be folded back and glued to the inside of the pot during a later step.

Fold the RIM piece along the 3 perforations for each "slice" of the shape. Fold the bottom and side tabs back, also. Handle carefully, since the actual hexagon "ring" shape is less than 1/4" wide and may be subject to bending and tearing.

Join one side piece to each of the inner 6 edge tabs. 

The upper edge of the siide edge is glued to underside edge of tab. 

Push the side's top edge all the way into the fold angle at the perforation.

This image shows all six sides attached to rim inner edge tabs.

Lift assembly and bring the first two edges together, with straight side edge of one piece overlapping the tab of the adjacent piece, as shown. Apply adhesive and join.

Repeat this step until all six seams are joined.

At lower edge, apply adhesive to the "rim" portion of each side piece. 

Fold back and pinch each to attach firmly to inner pot surface.

Fold tabs of the 5 side pieces away from pot sides to form a ledge. (Do the same for the side back piece, too, though a bit differently.) Apply adhesive to the ledge tabs. 

Fold the hexagon base into position so that edges will rest on the ledge and glue in place.

Use the eraser end of a new pencil to push against the ledge tabs to help attach these to hexagon base.

Insert the bottom tabs of first rim section into the corresponding slots in the pot side.

Push tabs all the way in, then fold upward.

Apply adhesive to the upper edge of tabs, then fold up and hold in place until secured.

For the second section, side tab will be inserted into corresponding slot of first section. Apply adhesive to the full edge side tab of the adjacent section, and to the slot tab and insert. Hold in place until glue is secure, then insert lower tabs into body as with previous step and three images.

Repeat this process until only final rim section remains.

For final section tabs and side edges, the positioning is the same, except there will be two side tabs to glue and insert before inserting and gluing the lower tabs.

Next, fold the LINER piece with valley folds all around. Fold bottom tabs inward.

Glue the side seam edge and tab.

Apply adhesive to the backside of bottom tabs.

Apply adhesive to the backside of entire liner.

Insert liner into pot interior. Push liner down until it is snug with tabs against the bottom. Hold in place and smooth edges as they adhere.

Use eraser end to apply pressure to tabs.

Finally, apply adhesive to backside of  HEXAGON INNER BASE piece. Insert into interior and work down until it is flush with other bottom surface. 

To see a finished dimensional project that incorporates this terra cotta pot, 
follow this link to a different post in this blog:

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