Saturday, June 8, 2013

Garden Hat 3d Tutorial

Create this miniature lady's garden hat measuring approx. 11 inches
from paper card stock using an svg cut file from SnapDragon Snippets 
available for purchase from Silhouette America's online store.
Search: 3d garden hat
Two other 3d gardening designs are available: 
3d garden spade, 3d terra cotta pot.

These are the shapes that will be needed to complete the hat. 

Clockwise from upper right - 8 hat crown crescents; 8 crown overlay accents; 2 contrast bands; 3 top circles (one with hex cutout); underside tab concealer circle; brim, brim accent, brim edge.

Optional eyelet detail punched circles can be seen in pairs of pieces for crown, crown accents and bands.

Efficient use of paper can be achieved when arranging shapes on-screen for cutting by positioning crown crescents inside of brim edge ring, as shown here.

Begin with two CROWN crescent pieces (first piece should include the eyelet punch, if you are including that detail in your design). Fold on all horizontal perforations in mountain folds. Fold tabs inward.

Apply adhesive to tabs (one at a time may work best, at least in the beginning). Start at bottom, overlap right straight edge of first crescent at corresponding tab perforation of second. Check to make sure horizontal perf lines of both crescents also line up. Hold until secure, then continue upward to secure the other "level" sections of the crescent pairs.

Continue in the same manner to join the third crescent and then the fourth, 

 Complete a crown HALF section with four crescents.

Note that the first crescent (far left of image) has the hole punch.

Complete a second identical crown half.

Join the crown halves. Apply adhesive the tabs on one seam. 

Insert fingers inside to apply pressure to seam area.

 Insert completed crown through BRIM opening (through from underside). 

Fold tabs back (valley folds). Apply adhesive to front sides of tabs.

Slide crown fully into place, then apply pressure at each of the 8 edges to help tabs attach securely into place. 

Working on a protected flat surface will help with the gluing process.

Slide BRIM ACCENT ring over crown and into place.

Apply adhesive to backside of accent brim, working around "rattan weave" design openings. 

Note: adhesive may be applied to brim prior to sliding accent ring over crown if preferred.

Add some curl to the brim at the point (or later), if desired. Locate the crown crescents that have the eyelet punches. These are the sides of the hat. Curl the front and back, using gentle but sustained pressure with hands. A cardboard tube can also be used as a form to roll and hold the brim edges over.

Next prepare CROWN ACCENT CRESENTS by folding on perforations.

Apply glue to backsides around cutouts.

Position and attach one crown accent to each face of crown. Take care to slide each down so that straight lower edge is snug against brim.

When all accent pieces are in place, attach the TOP BUTTON circles at crown top. Attach the hexagon cutout base circle, then the next largest circle, then the smallest (center each).

Apply adhesive, then position and attach the EDGE RING to the top of brim.

Apply adhesive then position the CONCEALER RING to the underside at crown opening.

Apply adhesive to one BAND section, then position and secure at lower edge of crown (align eyelet punches).

Apply second band strip, overlapping straight edge at first band perforation. At tab end, lift straight edge of first section slightly, insert tab under, then reattach.

Apply pressure to secure band in place.

Finally, insert eyelets through punched holes and use tools to crimp backside to secure in place. Because of the brim interference with this process, it may be necessary to position hat edge over a raised edge (such as wooden tool box used here, or a table, etc).



  1. Thank you so much for writing out the instructions for the garden hat and clay pot. I get so tired of being forced to watch videos to see how to put something together as I have limited monthly download time with my internet service provider. Both are really cute files.

    1. So glad it is helpful. Folks in the "tutorial" business seem to think, generally, that video is better than still shots and text instruction. The way I do it works best for me. It helps to know it works for some like you, too, and that you take the time to send in a comment. Thank you.

  2. me encantoo el sobrerooo esta lindooo!! gracias por compartirlo y felicidades por el talentoo!!