Saturday, September 7, 2013

3d Paper Pumpkins Tutorial

Two pumpkins made from cut card stock paper shapes
(but you may think they look like wooden blocks!)
These "3d pumpkins pair cubic" designs will be available 
from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.

1. These are the shapes used to make the shorter pumpkin in the image above. They include a second decorative paper front, which is optional. Doing this allows the boxing attachment to be made to a sturdy cardstock shape, while the actual front can be patterned paper.

These are the shapes for the tall pumpkin in the image above, including the decorative paper front, too.

2. Identify how the two boxing pieces will be attached. Small symbols in the tabs will show which ends go together.

3. Fold boxing as "mountain" (or toward the back, back-to-back) folds at all perforations in the boxing and at tab edges.

4. Begin short pumpkin by attaching the base edge boxing to the pumpkin front. Apply glue to the tabs area, then position and hold until glue is secure. Glue long bottom tab...

...then glue each corner tab in place, working with tabs one at a time.

(Note the symbol in the tab near my hand for reference when connecting the next boxing piece.)

5. Glue upper boxing piece to attached lower boxing piece by gluing tab under boxing edge.

6. Continue to align and glue each edge to corresponding boxing tab.

7.  Underlap/overlap the final joint of boxing with tab underneath and glue in place.

8. Now glue the back piece to the remaining tabs in the same fashion. I recommend beginning at the top center. Use the trap door to reach fingers inside to help position the tabs and back body piece and to hold until glue is cured and secure.

9. Attach decorative front and stem to pumpkin front. (Here I am building a separate front that will be attached to the constructed pumpkin box once it is assembled.)

10. Layer the leaf shapes in the order shown here and attach with glue. Position on the decorative or box pumpkin front and glue the parts that touch the box.

(Here the leaves shown separate but in the stacking order in which they will be glued.)

11. Finally, apply glue to the edges of the concealing oval tab and attach to trap door to hide the finger opening.

(Here the box does not show the decorations in place on the front, but I would recommend waiting to close the box up until those shapes are in place, in case it helps to have inside acess to apply pressure during gluing.)

12. Apply glue to the tab extension...

...then close the door and hold tab in place until it is secure.


13. The tall pumpkin construction will be the same as shown above for the shorter pumpkin. However, begin at the center top to attach boxing, NOTE that the boxing tabs show "C" on each side of the center angle perforation, so you will know where to begin aligning sides and tabs.



  1. I purchased this download from Silhouette and I keep getting an error that the file type you are attempting to access is not supported. I have designer edition, so not sure why the file will not open.

  2. I just purchased and downloaded the file to test it and it worked just fine for me. You may want to check with Silhouette telephone support and report the problem and ask for help if you have not already done so. The file appears to be just fine.

  3. Just finished making these...super cute!!