Monday, September 16, 2013

PepperMint Pathway: Candy Markers Tutorial

This tutorial includes information for preparing the magnetic candy markers
that will be placed on the pathway to count off the days. 

In this closeup, you can see the finished candies both in the bowl awaiting their turn to work, and also attached by magnetic attraction to the first two tiles on the quilt.

Step 1. Use a good adhesive to attach each of the magnet discs to the backside center of a wood disc. One good adhesive is Fabri-Tac.

Step 2.Spray paint fronts and backs (including magnet) with white acryllic paint. Apply several coats to produce an even smooth and thorough coating.

Swirl designs can be applied to painted discs by hand painting (transfer design to disc using stenciling template) or stenciling (use templates to mask areas to remain unpainted). This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the adhesive vinyl transfers available for purchase in the "Findings Kit" from .

Step 3. Peel away excess vinyl areas to leave just the swirl designs on the paper carrier sheet. Note there are 3 designs, with 6 shapes of each provided. Cut designs apart.

Step 4. Position the small square of transfer paper (remove protective backing first) over the selected design with sticky side toward the vinyl.

Step 5. Use a rigid tool such as a credit card the rub or "burnish" the transfer sheet to the vinyl design. Do a thorough job of rubbing to help the vinyl come off it's backing more easily.

Step 6. Peel away paper backing from vinyl design taking care to make sure it is attached to the transfer paper without shifting the arrangement.

 Step 7. Turn transfer sheet with design over so that backside of design is face up. Place flat on work surface. Position front of painted disc over the design and take care to center the disc over swirl design. Press disc down once it is positioned.

 Step 8. Turn over the disc and transfer sheet. Burnish or press/rub the surface of the design through the transfer sheet to adhere the vinyl to the disc front.

Step 9. Carefully peel back and off the transfer sheet, making sure that the vinyl pieces stay attached to the disc. It may be helpful to use finger or fingernail to assist the edge corners to begin separating from the transfer sheet and to stay attached to disc. Once sheet is out of the way, apply finger pressure to make sure all pieces are firmly attached in place. Also press along the disc edges in case any of the vinyl overlaps there.

Step 10. Prepare the Wrapper Netting Cutting Guide template. Fold a section of netting yardage to create a 6-layered shape slightly larger than the template. Position template over layers and staple (or pin) in place through all layers.

Step 11. Use scissors to trim all layers to match template. Use staple remover to remove staples and template (or unpin). Layer and repeat 3 more times until all 24 netting wrapper shapes have been cut.

Step 12. Apply a dab of adhesive to backside "rim" area of disc, then attach center of one straight edge of netting at that spot. Only a fraction of an inch of netting should be covering the rim of the disc, with the majority of netting extending above. Continue with wrapping process while adhesive is still wet.

Step 13. Begin wrapping the netting around the decorated disc, keeping the netting snug but not stretching it. Continue wrapping a second time around, with opposite straight edge ending approximately at the center on the back.

Step 14. Apply pressure to the backside to wrapped layers so they will adhere to the previously-applied glue.

 Step 15. Cut, thread needle, knot end and attach a 12-15 inch length of white perle cotton yarn with a stitch through the netting layers at center of side extension just beyond disc edge. Take a second stitch in place to anchor the yarn.

Step 16. Wrap the yarn around the netting 3 times . . .

then pull yarn tight to cinch in the layers.

Step 17. Insert needle through the wrappings on backside (as photo shows) to begin to form a knot, then slip needle through the formed loop and pull up tight.

 Step 18. Insert needle under the netting layers on backside and pass back out about 3/4" away from insertion to leave a tail buried. Clip yarn above netting surface near exit point.

Step 19. Repeat for the opposite end. Fluff and separate end layers as desired.

This is how the finished candy marker should look. 

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