Sunday, September 8, 2013

Paper-Craft Scarecrow Ensemble

 This festive fellow is created entirely from card stock 
(except for the collar and garden gloves which are digitally cut from cotton canvas).
Cut files should be available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store after 9-9-13.
Measuring as shown 24" from shoe sole to hat crown
(17" from base to crown), the figure is constructed of various "boxes", 
(torso, base, arms, etc.) then assembled. 
Gloves and collar are cut from cotton canvas with the Silhouette digital cutter 
(though they can be alternatively cut from card stock).
Separately available designs that complete the scarecrow are the straw hat,
narrow bow for tie, wedgy crow, and chunky pumpkins.

Closeup shows scarecrow torso and crow detail.
Construction tutorials can be found in other posts on this blog.

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