Saturday, September 7, 2013

3D Straw Scarecrow Hat Tutorial

Dimensional hayseed scarecrow straw hat
is made of card stock paper. Eight engineered wedge shapes create the hat
then shapes imitating  woven straw texture embellish the facets of
the crown, with accent pieces provide "fringe" on the inside and outside
of the brim. Measurements of the original are
slightly under 3" tall crown to base, and 5" across widest part of interior.
Create one to top your favorite face-painted pumpkin,
decorate a hay-ride themed party table, 
or follow this link to see the hat
worn by the 3d scarecrow mantle sitter figure,
also available through SnapDragon Snippets and the
Silhouette America online store (after 9-10-13).


 1. Here are the cut shapes that are used to create the 3d straw hat. The lighting in this image makes it look like all the papers are the same. In reality, the 8 hat pieces (top row) are a craft paper heathered brown, the second row of crown accent pieces, and the exterior brim accent "fringe" pieces are a slightly darker medium brown, and the interior brim "fringe" pieces at the far right are an even darked brown. There are 8 of each of the 5 shapes shown.
2. Fold the wedge tabs back (these should be along the right edge when the body wedge is pointy-end up.  Fold the top three back (mountain folds), and fold the bottom two forward (valley folds).

3. Fold the wedge horizontal perforations:
top-most two are mountain folds (backside to backside fold), and the bottom two are valley folds (frontside to frontside folds).

4. Align the top segment of the first two wedges to be joined. The right hand piece will overlap the tap of the left hand piece. The adhesive should be applied to the face surface of the tab.

5. Bend back the right hand (top layer of assembly) wedge to expose the tabs underneath, then apply glue to the face side of the tab.

6. Apply pressure to the two edges being joined.

7. Continue the joining process for the third segment, applying pressure until glue holds securely. 

Bottom two segments remain unattached at this point in the construction.

8.Align and join the next piece as for the first, leaving the bottom two segments (narrow and long) unattached.

Complete two half crown units, each with 4 weges joined.

9. Align the first half crown seam edge and tabs and apply glue, overlap and hold until secure. 

Note in this image a piece of masking tape is used to help secure the edges once they are aligned with each other.

Apply pressure to the inside to help the seams become secure. Tape on the outside will help hold things in place while you turn over the assembly. Lay the hat and adjust so that the seam that is having pressure applied is flat.

11.  Align and glue the second half of the center seam, apply pressure from the inside, etc., until seam is secure.

12. With brim sections still unattached, glue a lower crown accent piece on the lower crown section, as shown. Repeat for all 8 sections and accent pieces.

13. Bend each of the upper accent pieces at the perforation line (mountain fold) . . .

then glue to the upper two sections of crown, aligning the perforations lines of each.

14. Bring small tabs so that each lies on top of the adjacent section. Apply glue to the tab underside . . .then press flat over the octagon segment of the adjacent wedge.

15. Working from the front side of the work, bring the last brim section edge and tab together, overlap edge over tab and glue in place. Hold until secure. Repeat for all remaining seams.

16. If desired, add some shaping to the tines of the fringe accent pieces, both the interior (shown here) and the exterior. Using a pencil to add a slight curl is one way. Hold the fringe onto the pencil with a thumb, then firmly but gently pull the fringe free, something like curling ribbon.

17. Apply glue to the FRONT of the interior accent piece, then slide behind the brim section and adjust until bottom edge and perforation angle meet, center from side to side, then hold firmly until adhesive holds.

18. Apply the exterior accent fringe piece in a similar manner, applying glue to the backside of the piece. Hold until secure. Repeat for all exterior accent pieces. Riffle through the now-double layer of fringe to give it a random curl or bend or straight.

Your hat is now complete and ready to decorate with.

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