Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chalice 3d Communion Cup Assembly Guide

Dimensional ceremonial replica goblet 
measures approx. 8” tall x 4” wide x 3.75” deep. 
Pair with grapes 3d cluster with leaves 
to use as a decoration for a first communion celebration, 
or other special occasions. 
Stem can be reinforced with a .75” dowel segment. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A base hexagon
B stem
C bowl wedges (6)
D bowl rim strips (6)
E bowl neck reinforcement
F knob
G base contour wedges (6)
H bowl interior masking wedges (6)
I center stem opening mask
J IHS medallion and base shapes

NOTE: Two slightly different gold shades were used to cut the shapes: A, B, D & E are slightly brighter gold.

2. Prepare the stem by folding on vertical perforation lines to form a tube. Fold top flange tabs back slightly.

3.  Overlap the plain long side edge to the opposite tab perforation line and glue side seam.

NOTE: it is possible to fold the stem shape flat during the seam gluing process, then shape it back into a tube.

4. Prepare the base hexagon shape by folding the sides back on the perforation lines and the tab lines. Fold the small triangular tabs back between the side sections. Push the center hex tabs inward.

5. Form the base into a box by bringing the plain side short edge to overlap at the adjacent tab perforation line and glue in place. Repeat for all 6 seams.

6. Fold the base long edge tabs under and glue in place. During the gluing process it will help to secure the tabs flat and completely adhered by . . .

. . . using a flat slightly pointed tool such as this spatula to work the tab corners to be glued crisp and flat.

7. Insert the top of the stem pole through the base hex center opening . . . 

. . . and move the base hex all the way to the bottom of the stem pole.

NOTE that the bottom of the stem should line up exactly with the straight bottom edge of the center hole tabs. This will put the bottom of the stem even with the base hex edges as they sit on the table top surface and provide stability for the chalice base.

8. Bend the base tabs back slightly to apply glue between tabs and stem pole. Replace and apply pressure to attach.

9. If desired, it is recommended that a 3/4" diameter wood dowel length be inserted into the stem pole tube to provide strength to the chalice. Insert the dowel end to the perforation at the top tab, then mark length exactly at the end of the stem tube.

10. Cut the dowel to size, then reinsert. Apply adhesive to the inside of the tube as feasible to help the dowel stay securely in place. Make sure the dowel bottom is even with the tube bottom.

11. Prepare the bowl wedges by folding side tabs back, folding on the horizontal contour perforation lines.

12. Join the first two wedges by lining up the straight side edges of each contour level to the corresponding tab perforation line of the adjacent level. 

Work on one level or strata at a time, applying pressure until secure, then bending to align the next level, and so forth until all five strata are aligned and joined.

13. Continue adding a wedge to the previous assembly in the same manner until all six wedges are joined.

14. Complete the final bowl side seam by overlapping the final plain edges to the corresponding tab perf lines as previously done.

15. Prepare the rim strips by folding in half on the long perforation line, and also bending the end tab back slightly.

16. Position and glue the first strip in place wrapped over the bowl top edge, with the strip (without the end tab) centered over one wedge section. The right straight end should line up with the wedge-to-wedge seam.

NOTE: make sure the end tab remains free and un-glued. The final rim strip will be inserted under the tab, then it will be glued.

17. Continue to position the remaining five rim strips and glue in place, tucking the straight right end under the left tab of the previously-placed rim strip. Once the added strip is secure, glue the overlapping end tab down.

18. Prepare the base contour wedges by folding the side tabs back slightly. Also fold the horizontal perf lines: bottom folds back as a mountain fold; remaining two folds are valley folds.

19. Join the contour wedges in a fashion similar to the way bowl wedges were joined.

First join two wedge sections, then continue adding the remaining wedges until . . .

. . . the final wedge seam remains. Overlap, align edge to perf line and glue tabs in place.

20. Insert the stem pole through the contour tube. Align and insert the bottom tab pairs with the slot pairs on each section of the hex base.

21. On the base underside, bend the tabs back toward the hex edge and glue in place.

22. Prepare the knob shape by folding bottom curved tabs back (valley fold), and all other folds as mountain folds, including the small triangular tabs between each upper and lower wedge sections.

23. Shape the knob by joining seams between sections: overlap the short straight edge to the perf line of the adjacent tab and glue in place.

Shown here is the first of the top seams.

Also complete the seams for the bottom seams, shown here.

24. Complete the final seam by bringing straight end edges  overlap at the opposite end tab perf lines. Line up the center, top and bottom sections, one at a time, and glue in place to create a knob tube.

25. Slide the knob tube over the top of the stem and move down as far as easily possible, just to place it out of the way for the time being.

26. Insert the stem top tabs end into the bottom of the bowl hex opening . . .

. . . and adjust until the tab perf lines each line up with the straight edge of a corresponding straight edge of the bowl hex opening. Apply glue to the tabs, press back, centered in the wedge section, and apply pressure until secure.

NOTE: a critical action in this point in the process is to make sure that the bowl is attached well to the stem tabs, AND that the bowl rim is parallel with the base bottom/table top surface, with bowl evenly perpendicular to the table top surface. Use any "squaring-up" tool available to check and adjust immediately while the glue is still curing. Brace, if necessary, to allow to harden correctly before proceeding.

27. Prepare the bowl neck reinforcing collar by folding top tabs back slightly, and each section back slightly on vertical perf lines.

28. Position and glue each band section to one face of the stem, just below the bowl edge, while also gluing a petal tab to the bottom section of the corresponding bowl wedge. 

Continue to wrap and glue the band sections and petal tabs until entire collar is in place.

29. Slide the knob up the stem until the straight top edge lines up exactly next to the collar lower straight edge. Before sliding into final position, apply glue next to the collar edge. 

Also bend bottom petal tabs back to apply glue to them, then reposition and glue in place to the faces of the stem.

30. Prepare the interior masking shapes by folding as shown.

31. Apply glue to the underside of each wedge, then slip into the bowl interior, and align each, centered with a bowl main wedge section. Side edges will be slightly offset in from the main wedge seam lines . . .

. . . and the top straight edge will abut with the backside lower rim strip edge. (The purpose of the interior masking wedge is to conceal the seam tabs and dress up the interior space.)

32. Apply glue to the underside tabs of the center circle mask shape. Insert into the bottom of the bowl, adjust so that each petal tab is centered with the wedge shapes, then apply pressure to secure in place.

33. Layer and glue together the base and face IHS medallion shapes.

34. Position and glue in place on the wedge section that you select as the chalice's front.

Here (with decorative grapes cluster) is the finished chalice.


  1. This chalice is absolutely perfect in every way! You are so talented to have designed it. Thank you so much for doing this request.

  2. This is the first time I have thought to look at the instructions before buying a 3D pattern. Jodi Warner your instructions and illustrations are wonderfully clear. Thank you so much for your attention to detail. I am going right back to Silhouette to purchase your beautiful Chalice