Sunday, February 15, 2015

First Communion Boy's Suit Card Assembly

This large boy's suit styled card has side panels
that fold in toward center, with cutout slots
that fit around the button bases (attached with grommets)
as the front closure.
Details include layered crucifix with ribbon, layered Windsor tie,
replica four-hole buttons, interior slots for gift card,
or panel for sentiment or event details.
Send a congratulations note for First Communion,
omit crucifix for other occasions such as baptism,
mission, ordination, or other events.

Sharing here also images of a similar card
for a girl's first communion, in the form of a side-fold dress.
This card opens at center back to reveal
a shift-shaped insert to hold the card's sentiment.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A shirt and collar card base
B suit with lapel right half
C suit with lapel left half
D chest pocket strip
E tie base with knot (at right)
F button layers: punch base, four-hole center, 
rim (not shown: whole base circle)
G cross layers with ribbon
H sentiment card

2. Prepare the left and right side panels by folding the lapel section back. Attach punch circle button bases to left panel with eyelets.

Grommet-attached buttons will provide the closure for the card front. (This image previews how the slots on the right suit front will slide under the attached buttons to close the card.)

3. Layer and attach the remaining button shapes over the attached button bases:
whole button circle (not shown here), four-hole button shape, button rim ring.

4. Prepare the shirt base by folding down the top tabs behind the collars, folding the collars left and right down, folding the side tabs inward.

5. The collar tabs will be tucked under as the collars are folded downward into their final positions. 

Apply adhesive to the back/top tab surface, then fold collars into position, adjust so that the upper "corners" meet at the center, then apply pressure in the area of the tabs underneath to attach collars into position.

6. Layer the knot onto the tie base shape at top, then position tie at the center of shirt base. Tuck the top under the collar edges slightly, ensure that it is centered, then glue in place.

(If not using the sentiment or gift card inserts, consider adding a decorative stud or other embellishment as tie tack.)

7. Prepare the cross assembly. Slide the straight end of the ribbon shape through slot, inserting from the backside  of the cross. Fold the ribbon strip on the center and intermediate perforation lines to arrange the ends somewhat according to the image shown here. (You may need to adjust the perforations and finger-crease to get the arrangement you prefer, depending on the thickness and texture of the card stock or paper you have selected.)

8. Position, center, and attach the decorative cross front over the previous cross assembly.

9. Working from the front, arrange the cross over the chest pocket strip, with ribbon ends tucked behind the top edge of the strip.

Turn the assembly over and glue the strip ends in place. Also glue the backside of cross where it overlaps pocket strip.

10. Position, adjust and attach the pocket/cross assembly onto the right suit panel. NOTE that the top of the pocket strip falls slightly below the bottom point of the lapel, and is centered approximately side to side as well.

11. Attach the left and right suit fronts to the card base side tabs. In the arrangement shown when this is most easily accomplished, the shirt base is face down. Straight side suit panel edges line up at the shirt base side tab perforation lines. Bottom edges of all are aligned exactly.

12. Insert gift card between tabs in shirt front, or cut and attach the sentiment card.

Slide the right front panel slots under buttons to close.

Here is the finished card.

(NOTE: apply a little glue or a glue dot, etc., at the top of the lapels to help them lie flat.)

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