Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leprechaun Hat Bowl Assembly Guide

This custom-sized leprechaun hat
will help you set your St. Patrick's Day 
breakfast table in appropriate "top o'the morning" style.
Turn the hat over to reveal a commercial single-serving
cereal cup (shown here with Corn Pops - like nuggets of gold!).
Or, use an empty cereal container as a liner
to use the bowl as a nut cup or other snack server.
Assembly goes more quickly than you might imagine!
Measures approx. 3.5" tall x 6" brim diameter.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A crown tube half shapes (2)
B inner crown top hex
C outer crown top hex
D brim circle
E brim rim ring
F hand band half shapes (2)
G buckle and shamrock embellishments

2. Prepare the crown tube shapes by folding top tabs back, scalloped bottom tabs outward, and vertical perforation lines back slightly.

3. Join the two halves by overlapping the plain straight side edge (right) to the tab perforation line of the adjacent half and gluing in place. Take care to adjust so that the top and bottom of these edges are lined up exactly.

4. Form the crown shapes into a tube and complete the second side seam in a similar fashion.

5. Fold the top tabs in toward the center to prepare for inserting the top inside hexagon.

6. Apply glue to the underside of the top tabs, then insert the inner hexagon inside the crown tube and press completely to the bottom so that the edges seat exactly into the creases of the top tabs.

Apply pressure from the inside by running a finger along the hexagon edges to get a good join and seal.

7. Apply adhesive to the underside of the outer crown top hexagon, then position it over the top of the assembly, hiding the previous hexagon-to-crown seams.

Apply pressure from the inside again, as in step 6, to ensure a good join.

8. Make sure the scallop tabs at crown tube bottom edges are folded outward, then insert the crown tube through the underside of the crown circle all the way until the tabs crease seat at the hexagon opening edges .

Apply finger pressure around the crown to ensure a good join between brim circle hex edges and crown scallop tabs.

9. Position and attach the rim ring at the brim circle edge, taking care to align the curved edge exactly.

10. Fold the hat band shapes back at all perforations. 

Join the two half hat band strips by overlapping the straight edge at the end tab perf line. Join both seams so that the hat band forms a ring.

11. Slip the hat band ring over the crown and slide down into place, approx. 1/4" above the brim. Check the height placement by comparing how the buckle will line up with the hat band while its lower edge is flush with the crown/brim connecting crease.

Once final positioning is determined, move the band slightly to apply adhesive under where it will rest, then reposition and apply pressure under glue is dry.

12. Position the shamrock with stem tucked under the hat band and glue in place. Position the buckle centered in the shamrock crown face, and glue in place.

To use the hat as a "cereal bowl" for your leprechaun hunt on St. Patrick's Day morning, simply slip the single-serve cereal cup inside. The hat can then be placed top down, or inverted to conceal the cereal contained inside. 

(Can't decide which would be more fun!)

If you haven't yet checked out the blog post describing a fun St. Patrick's Day morning leprechaun hunt, you can find that information HERE. Also note that many of the paper cut designs used in the hunt are or will be available soon from SnapDragon Snippets.com and SVG Attic (or through Silhouette America's online store).

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