Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mini St. Patrick's Day Bowler Hat Favor Box

It may seem like a tiny leprechaun
has left his bowler hat behind!
Small-scale topper is a favor box, a treat holder,
or simply decor for March's Irish celebrations.
Measures approx. 4" brim diameter x 2" crown height.
3d hat fits over an octagon box base.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A crown wedges (8)
B brim main ring (cut a 2nd for underneath)
C brim rim ring
D hat band
E shamrock hat band decor
F base box boxing strip
G base box octagon insert (inside)
H base box octagon bottom cover
Not shown: crown interior octagon cover

2. Prepare the 8 octagon crown wedges by folding the side tabs back slightly, the bottom tab outward slightly, and folding on the three horizontal perf lines.

3. Join the first two wedges by overlapping the right lower straight edge over the adjacent wedge's corresponding tab, to the perforation line, adjust so top and bottom section corners match, then glue in place.

4. Bend the two wedges so that the straight edge and perforation line of the second level line up, and glue in place.

5. Repeat the joining process for the top level section straight edge and tab.

6. Add a third and then a fourth wedge to the assembly with the same process to form half of the crown. Join the remaining four wedges in the same manner to create the second half.

7. Bring the two halves together and line up the lower level section straight edge and perforation line as in other wedge joining steps. Complete this lowest tab joint on both half-seams and allow glue to cure until joint is strong.

8. Push the two half domes together to overlap the straight edge over the corresponding tab perf line. Work to get the best alignment possible, then hold in place until the seams grab.

(NOTE: in this image the two halves are still being pushed together, hence the large center gap. Some gapping may still remain when joint is worked to best outcome.)

9. Apply glue to the underside of the interior octagon cover shape, then place on the inside of the crown assembly to cover the gap, if any exists.

It may be helpful to turn the assembly top down onto a flat table top to provide a press-against surface for the completion of seams and also for attachment of octagon cover.

10. Place the main brim ring octagon opening over the crown. Slide it down until it seats completely against the lower crown tabs.

(It will be a snug fit, so it may take some patience to work the brim into place.)

11. Apply glue to the upper surface of the crown tabs (that is, between the tab and the underside of the brim ring), then press each tab to join to brim ring.

12. OPTIONAL: Place a second brim rind over the underside of the already-attached brim, line up the octagon opening and outer edge carefully, and glue in place.

(NOTE: This is optional since if the hat box remains mostly "closed" during display or use, the construction tabs on the underside of main brim will probably rarely be seen and therefore may NOT need this extra brim shape to mask the assembly.)

13. Apply glue to underside, then place the brim rim ring over the crown and into place with outer edges matches with the brim.

14. Prepare the hat band by bending on all perforation lines.

Place the hat band around the crown with perforation lines aligned at the wedge seams. Overlap the straight side edge, adjust the band to be as snug as desired, then glue edge in place over tab.

15. Quicky layer and glue the shamrock decor shapes, then tuck the stems behind the hat band before the band glue is too dried.

16. Prepare the box base boxing strip by bending lower tabs and upper flanges back, also bend slightly on all vertical perforation lines.

NOTE that a tiny circle cutout identifies the upper (opening edge) flanges.
17. Fold the upper (opening) edge flanges back and glue in place, all except the flange opposite the side tab.

This image shows all the upper tabs folded and glued under in place, except the end tab.

18.  Form the boxing strip into a ring to bring the straight side edge over the opposite side tab's perf line. Adjust so that top and bottom side seam corners align, then glue in place.

19. Finish gluing the left-undone upper edge flange.

20. On the bottom of the box base, bend tabs in toward center.

Apply glue to the upper surface of each tab, on the inside of the octagon.

Select the interior octagon base (does NOT have the thumb tab) . . .

. . . then insert it into the box's interior, adjust to align the straight edges with the boxing ring's straight sides, and push down until the octagon edges seat exactly against each segment of the boxing strip's bottom tabs.

Place the assembly on a flat surface to apply pressure uniformly along each tab until the octagon is neatly in place.

21. On the bottom of the box base, position the outer octagon cover over the box assembly's bottom, adjust so that edges of box and base cover line up, then press in place to secure.

Take care that the thumb tab does not get glued down.

22. Insert the base box into the octagon opening on the underside of the crown and brim.

Here is how the model hat looks 
when the box base has the box upper in place.

And here is the hat box being shown
with the base box open and filled.


  1. WOW, das sieht aber toll aus gibt es da eine vorlage????
    glg Gertrude

    1. The hat shown is available as a cut file download for a digital cutting machine. The machine we like the best is Silhouette's Cameo, but this design will soon be available through in a format that can be purchased, downloaded and used with other machines including Cricket's Design Space.

  2. oh my that is just so cute and clever. Love it.
    Ann xxx